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If you are a bride who is in love with vintage things and want to go all dramatic with your wedding look, then you are on the right page. This time what has caught our attention in the jewellery section are the trending vintage nath designs that are taking the internet by storm. We are a big sucker for old-school things and these latest vintage nath designs were definitely something that we couldn’t miss. With the intricate details combined with glamour and tradition, these types of nath designs will make all heads turn. 

So, if you're getting married soon, then scroll down and find the perfect vintage nath that gives you nothing but maharani feels on your wedding day.  

Trending Vintage Nath Designs That Made Our Jaw Drop

1. A sophisticated vintage nath that matches your passa

This bride slayed in her oversized vintage nath which is not only sophisticated but also stylish. Not only the little hangings on her nath match her jewellery, but the red rubies are in complete sync with her wedding ensemble. 

2. The chandbali shaped vintage nath to keep up with the trend

We all know how chandbali has been an au courant trend. This bride incorporated a chandbali in her vintage nath design. She knows how to be modish and traditional at the same time. And those little birds just add to the elegance. 

3. A Kundan nath that is to die for 

A nath made completely with Kundan takes the vintage nath designs to the next level. This vintage nath is sure to give many brides major bridal nath goals. We are head over heels for this one. Are you too?

4. A gold vintage nath that has an old-world charm

Gold is timeless and so is a vintage nath in gold. The kind of elegance that a gold nath oozes is compared to none. It looks beautiful, and if you love gold, this one is perfect for you.

5. A simple vintage nath for the princess in you

Adorning a vintage nath doesn’t mean it has to be over the top. This bride decided on a simple polki vintage nath design that is stunning. It has the utmost amount of elegance and it perfectly compliments her regal look.

Source Pinterest

6. An oversized vintage nath with dainty details

We adore this bride’s oversized vintage nath. The dainty birds inside the hoop are something that we don’t see every day. This is a unique nath design that we found on the net and we couldn’t help but adore it. 

7. A dash of colour is all you need

This bride amped up her vintage nath by adding a pop of colour to it. We are totally crushing over this exclusive piece of jewellery that is a must-have for brides who love a tad of colour in their bridal nath. This is one of the best vintage nath designs that we have come across. 

8. A pear-shaped motif in your vintage nath that oozes elegance

This bride’s vintage nath is fairly simple but what sets it apart is the pear-shaped motif with a small dangler. No doubt it looks so elegant and effortless. 

9. When your vintage nath makes a statement

You know you’ve got it right with your vintage nath when it makes a statement of its own. And don’t even get us started on those colourful little peacocks that are so exquisite. We’re sure you are definitely bookmarking this one.

10. Vintage nath loaded with polki is so urbane

A very trendy nath design, this bride chose only polki for her oversized vintage nath. We love how an all-polki nath has come together to create a very chic look for the bride. 

11. A vintage nath with colour beaded string looks stellar

Taking your vintage nath design a notch higher with a blue and white beaded string is what this look is all about. We absolutely love this poised look. What about you?

12. The oh-so-gorgeous vintage nath with the couple’s motif

Do we even need to mention anything about why this vintage nath is #jewellerygoals for brides-to-be? We couldn’t find a better nath that is so charming and fashionable. One of the top nath designs that are definitely on our recommendation list. 

13. A spiral-shaped vintage nath for brides who like to go off-beat

Ditching a regular round hoop, this bride’s spiral-shaped heavy vintage nath is everything a quirky yet traditional bride wants. The off-beat choice of nath will definitely be an attention-grabbing piece. 

14. A vintage nath that is all about the details

This vintage nath has such distinguished details that it’s hard to take our eyes off from it. The nath’s intricate detailing with small pearls is nothing but perfection. For bride’s who is a stickler for perfection, this one for them. 

15. Layer a double vintage nath 

What is better than a single nath? It’s doubling up your vintage nath. This bride chose a nath design in which the bigger nath is encircling a smaller nath. No wonder we are totally gushing about it.

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16. Oversized vintage nath so timeless that it has our heart 

When we spot a vintage nath so big, our heart skips a beat. This bride’s stunning vintage nath gives such a regal look to her. It is definitely the one that has a certain antique feel about it and which is so cultured and poised. 

17. The pahadi nath exudes sheer grace

This pahadi vintage nath is so breathtakingly gorgeous that no one will be able to take their eyes off you. It’s classy and fancy and we totally vouch for this nath for our OTT brides. 

18. One with the old-world charm

We love when our millennial brides opt for jewellery that keeps the age-old charm alive. This bride’s vintage nath design is so fresh and definitely a class-apart. 

19. Vintage nath that adds drama to your look

When you love drama, you have to opt for a vintage nath that adds spice to your look. This bride’s queen-size nath is super pretty and looks phenomenal on her. 

20. A sleek vintage nath that defines you 

We understand the rage amongst brides for this very popular nath design. This vintage nath is super chic and sophisticated. We recommend this sleek design to bride’s who'd like to go for a vintage look and still keep it minimal. 

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21. Vintage nath that is crafted to perfection

This vintage nath in gold is what bridal nath dreams are made of. The sheer perfection with which it is crafted is enough to make any bride fall in love with one of the top nath designs that are doing the rounds. 

22. Oversized vintage nath that is so plush yet conventional 

Just a look at this vintage nath is sufficient to make brides fall in love with it. Its historic look is to die for. This is one of the most popular nath designs for vintage nath that we vouch for. 

23. The asymmetrical design is what makes it special

The all polki vintage nath has already made its place in our heart with its beautiful asymmetrical design. Its beauty lies in those irregularly placed polki and we absolutely love, love and love this design. 

24. Crescent-shaped nath for a refined look

Opting for a crescent-shaped nath for your big day is something that we totally approve of. Not only will it look extremely gorgeous but also very dignified. 

25. Vintage nath that beautifully blends with the entire jewellery

Who could have even overlooked this bride with her heavenly vintage nath!! What’s even more interesting is how she has smartly managed to match her nath with her entire jewellery set and how beautifully it compliments the entire look. 

26. Or, wear this gorgeous pearl nath on your wedding day 

This bride’s vintage nath with pearl droplets is a definite show-stealer. We love how she kept her look quite effortless with light-weight jewellery to compliment the heavy nath. 

27. All that shimmers is gold

This bride knows what she wants and that is visible with her entire look. She opted for a monochrome look with orangish-golden tones. The vintage nath in gold matched with her look flawlessly. 

28. Those sweet little hangings will swoon you away

A vintage nath with those little hangings looks so lovely. Those antique touches give an altogether different look to the nath and the bride. And not to overlook the nath chain with the same hangings look spectacular. 

29. A big hoop for the perfect vintage look

Vintage nath doesn’t need to be heavy to give that royal look. A simple hoop can also work wonders and can be a big crowd-puller. Don’t believe us? Check out this bride’s vintage nath. 

30. A heavy vintage nath for OTT look

We love when brides go all over the top with their looks. This bride’s heavy, vintage nath is in perfect accordance with the entire ensemble. It gives such a high-class feel but still has a traditional touch to it. 

31. The half n’ half vintage nath is terrific

Isn’t this bride’s nath absolutely charming! We love how the bride has struck the right chords with a simple and traditional vintage nath. The peacock design adds a touch of royalty to the nath. 

Source Renu Arya

Final Words From ShaadiSaga

We are in LOVE with these quintessential vintage nath designs that are both dramatic and traditional. So, whether you choose a heavy vintage nath, a polki nath or a dainty bridal nath, we guarantee you are going to rock your bridal look.


So, brides-to-be which vintage nath design did you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below! 

35+ Breathtaking Dramatic Vintage Nath Designs That'll Give You A Maharani Feel!

by Vidhi Gupta

35+ Breathtaking Dramatic Vintage Nath Designs That'll Give You A Maharani Feel!