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The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has given rise to a certain trend in weddings that no one had predicted to become so popular in a time when everything was about the 'band baja & baraat'. However, Intimate Weddings are the new normal, and the new normal is here to stay.

Many couples out there had planned to have a great grand Indian wedding during 2020's wedding season. However, when the global pandemic struck, things first came to a complete stop. Only recently have there been relaxations in government regulations which have allowed couples to shrink down their guest sizes to 50 and have small and intimate weddings. Though many were disappointed, we're here to tell you that Intimate Weddings are a trend you're gonna love! Not only do you get to enjoy the magic with just a few close loved ones, but your wedding story is one you can recall for ages to others.

Don't believe us? Then how about industry experts? To make you understand the importance of having an intimate wedding, and how to enjoy them equally well, here are the testimony from some of the top vendors of the industry. So, to hear from the industry's finest, scroll down!

Vendors Reveal: Reasons Why Intimate Weddings Are Better

📷 Monisha Ajgaonkar, founder of The Photo Diary

Monisha Ajgaonkar, founder of The Photo Diary shows us the bright side of intimate weddings, emphasizing on the smaller guest list which in turn makes the experience even more personal for each and every member, "With fewer guests on your invite list, you can spend more quality time with each person at all your wedding functions. This, in turn, will make every wedding photo equally meaningful. A smaller guest list means a more intimate, less chaotic and commotion-filled day with fewer distractions. Too many guests to entertain can put significant pressure on the bride and groom, making it easier to feel overwhelmed. With less guests, you can feel at ease, stay in the moment, and get the best pictures shot."

📷Aditya Mahagaonkar, founder of WhatKnot Photography

Aditya Mahagaonkar, founder of WhatKnot Photography, reveals another side of intimate weddings which make them more pleasant and enjoyable, "Intimate Weddings are usually the ones where the celebration is amongst the closest of family members and friends. The gathering thus showcases a lot of involvement from each and every guest who is a part of the Wedding. As Wedding Photographers, it is a win-win situation since there are beautiful moments in every direction. It is a good chaos to be a part of. Here, the memories hold more importance than the decor and the grandeur of the wedding."

🎊Namha Malhotra, founder of Castles & Coasters 

Namha Malhotra, founder of the popular wedding planning brand Castles & Coasters, tells us about the uniqueness of intimate weddings, and how couples can utilise this opportunity to have their different and personalised kind of wedding, "Everyone wants their wedding to be “different & unique”. One of the key ways to do this is through personalisation. The more intimate the wedding the more we are able to successfully customise experiences for each of the guests. Weddings are about experiencing the magic and fairytale come to life. For many of our clients, their dream is to have a “normal” wedding celebration. Intimate weddings will allow for the illusion of normal without it being “new normal.” We can still do decor, food layouts, entertainment, entries, customisation with smaller numbers of people."

📷 Soniya Dembla, Director of Camera Crew 

Soniya Dembla, Director of the immensely popular Camera Crew, reveals her thoughts on the topic as well,  telling us how intimate weddings have brought the idea of valuing love and family above everything else. This, in turn, makes intimate weddings extremely fun and full of raw emotions which makes every second worth capturing, "One of the most important virtues the current global pandemic has re-established in us is to value love and our family over everything else. Every aspect of our lives was so exposed to the rest of the world, that an intimate, cosy setting to celebrate a union seems more unique than the usual band, baaja baarat. Big fat Indian weddings have been ruling the wedding market and there is no denying in the allure but weddings are intrinsically about the love and lifelong commitment between two people and their families. To me, Intimate weddings are small little weddings with a big heart. Whether it's your backyard or your parents' farmhouse, hosting an intimate wedding in the privacy of your home brings in a sense of familiarity, undeniable charm, and unique sentiment that make your day original and noteworthy. Your guest list includes people who are truly appreciated. You get to spend more time with your family and your loved ones. You can give personal attention to every detail, every guest. And you get to do all of that at a fraction of the budget.

"We as photographers, approach wedding photography & filmmaking with the intent of making something timeless in a way that the real heartfelt emotions, magic and love is preserved. We are constantly looking for those fleeting moments of truth that make a couples wedding story unique. Intimate weddings are going to bring us more opportunities to capture these real moments in its truest form. It is going to change the whole picture and how we see weddings as well as how we capture them. It's going to be more beautiful than ever."

🌸Srishti Kapur, Founder of Floral Art

Source Floral Art

The founder of Floral Gifting & Design Studio Floral Art, Srishti Kapur has this to say, "With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Intimate weddings are the safer approach people are taking these days. However, even without the health and safety aspect, this less traditional approach is growing immensely popular amongst young couples. Through intimate weddings, a couple can surround themselves with their close-knit friends and family who know them the best. With a reduced guest list, the couple and family have a budget-friendly wedding, however, they are given the chance to splurge on people that matter or things they aspire to do or buy, for example, expensive bridal wear, or an extended honeymoon. But I believe the best thing about an intimate wedding is the capacity at which the couple can go into detail and personalise wedding favours, decor or even the entire wedding to reflect personalities individually and as a couple.” 



What are your thoughts on Intimate Weddings? Let us know in the comments!

Vendors Reveal: Why Intimate Weddings Are Better Than Having A Grand Wedding

by Shivani Singh

Vendors Reveal: Why Intimate Weddings Are Better Than Having A Grand Wedding