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The bride’s lehenga is one of the most important thing of her wedding which demands her absolute attention. Deciding on the colour of the lehenga to the fabric and the design of the blouse, everything needs to be unparalleled. While we have to bid goodbye to lavish summer weddings (thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic) we are still keeping our hopes high for the upcoming winter weddings. This pandemic is not going to deter our enthusiasm for the winter gala as we, at ShaadiSaga, keep you updated and provide you with all the inspiration worthy ideas for your wonderful winter affair. 

We understand that the bride cannot go out shopping but she can definitely use this time to explore new ideas for the most amazing designs for her wedding blouse. And this time, it’s all about the fabric that speaks royalty and nothing less. You guessed it, right ladies, it’s definitely Velvet. Velvet is a clear winner when it comes to selecting a blouse for your wedding. This exquisite piece of fabric is a timeless beauty. Whether you decide to go old school or give it a touch of modernity, it still looks divine. Opt for a velvet blouse and you’ll look like a princess coming straight from heaven. 

Latest Velvet Blouse Designs For Winter Weddings

Simplicity goes a long way

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and we couldn’t agree more. Look at these best velvet blouse designs that these brides have adorned. Whether it is your sangeet ceremony or your wedding day, we are sure even a plain velvet blouse like this will look extremely elegant. If you are a bride that likes to go plain-jane, then this is the look for you. 

Source Studio149

Source Loukiyaa

Intricate embroidery left us wanting more

We are a sucker for intricate embroidery. Those fine, little details instantly take the look a notch higher without much effort. If you are just like us, you’ll love the combination of delicate embroidery on the velvety fabric. They look extremely tasteful when paired correctly and make a statement of its own. 

Source Lashkaraa

Source Studio149

Source Shahid Naar

Source Studio149

Source Studio149

Taking the off-shoulder route

Off-shoulder blouses have a special place in our heart. And when combined with velvet, it blows our mind away. This bride slays in her monotone ensemble, paired with a velvet off-shoulder blouse and a skirt. You can give the dupatta a skip if you like.

Minimalism is the key

Looking for minimal velvet blouse designs? You can go all overboard with your blouse, but trust us, going minimalistic might just be your thing. If you still doubt us, check out these popular velvet blouse designs that give a new definition to minimalism. The design gives a little texture to the smooth velvety fabric.

Source Tanghavri

Collared blouse keeping us hooked already 

Sometimes it’s better to stick to the conventional route and let it work its magic. This collared velvet blouse in an alluring onion pink colour right here oozes elegance like no other. And those big floral motifs on the collar look sublime.  

Going deep is the new high

Our millennial brides like to keep their ensembles trendy, then why not their wedding blouses. Take inspiration from these present-day brides who didn’t shy away from giving their velvet blouse a modern twist. 

Source Studio149

Add those velvety layers

This layered simple velvet blouse design has already left an imprint on our mind and heart. We can’t take our eyes off the full-sleeve blouse in royal blue colour and all those layers giving more depth to the already flawless blouse. 

The Sabyasachi favourite

No list of trendy velvet blouse designs is complete without having ace designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee on the list. Velvet seems to be one of the designer’s favourite fabrics and these designs prove exactly why. The little circular motifs placed at equal distance add just the right amount of sophistication while keeping the design equally stylish. 

Sweetheart neckline taking our heart away

We instantly had our eyes fixed to that neckline at first glance. It beautifully accentuates your collarbone and adds dimension. Brides definitely need to give this a try and we are sure they are going to love it. Take cues from this bride right here. We doubt they’ll even take it off the moment they put it on ;) 

Source Studio149

We love going OTT

If you are the kind of bride who likes going all over the top, then be it. Have a look at these blouses that will match your energy and make you feel nothing less than a queen. The work on these velvet blouses makes us go weak in the knees. Doesn’t it?

Source Shahid Naar

Belt it up ladies

Create a style statement by adding a belt to your velvet blouse. It is an effortless idea to add sass to your current outfit. If you are still not convinced, check out this bride right here who gave this style a try and she surely gets a big thumbs up from our side. And that embroidery on the sleeves is just breath-taking.


So, which velvet blouse design did you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

Trendiest Velvet Blouse Designs To Bookmark For Your Upcoming Winter Wedding

by Vidhi Gupta

Trendiest Velvet Blouse Designs To Bookmark For Your Upcoming Winter Wedding