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While flowers are an integral part of wedding decor, probably even its backbone, there's something about the presence of greenery that amplifies the entire function's look. It's like the presence of green in wedding decor brings the outdoors inside and the natural shade creates a classic, crisp and clean look. 

Irrespective of whether you’re hosting a glam, boho, tropical, or modern wedding; lush greens are a gorgeous addition to any theme. Plus, there's plenty of room for creativity when it comes to selecting the greenery you want to include. You can keep it simple with a few branches or make it lavish with suspended green installations. Furthermore, seasonal greenery can be used to modify your decor according to the time of the year, like fragrant pine for the cold weather or eye-catching monstera leaves for balmy temperatures. 

Not only are green leaves a stunning decoration, but it’s also a budget-friendly option. So,  if you’re looking for ways to make every head turn without breaking the bank, these fresh greenery ideas will not disappoint. 

Incorporate Greenery Into Your Wedding Decor

1. Add A Botanical Design To Your Invites

One of the best ways to introduce your guests to the theme of the wedding is through your invites. Whether it's an intimate backyard wedding or a gorgeous evening soirée, embracing greenery right off the bat will hint at your vibe innovatively. If you're art savvy, then painting your invite is an easy feat. If not, then your wedding invitation designer will help you with a cohesive design!

2. Choose A Green Jaimala

While they may not be the spotlight of the decor, jaimalas are an integral part of the ceremony, and thus an accessory worth focusing on. And when it comes to going green, jaimalas are a great way to go! You can go minimal or over-the-top and with leaves, these pretty adornments are bound to look stunning!

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3. Transform Your Mandap

Mandaps wrapped in vines create an epic ceremony spot! The foliage on a wooden structure help generates a look that's closer to nature. Plus, these mandaps can be adorned with light flowers that pair well with the green, giving your guests a panoramic view as you exchange your jaimalas

4. Choose Green-Laden Photo Backdrops

Not planning to deck up your wedding venue with all those larger-than-life photobooths yet get pretty awesome wedding photos? Then opting for a foliage-covered photo booth is the way to go! These photo backdrops literally add life to your wedding photos.

5. Suspended Greenery Decor

Be it the bar ceiling, a mandap or stage ceiling or the entrance & walkways, ceilings at a wedding venue are way more than just drapes. And one of the best ways to light up your venue's ceiling is by adding some greens to them. From terrariums and foliage chandeliers, there are numerous ways to jazz up your ceilings with suspended decor!

6. Greet Your Guests With Green

Introduce guests to your celebration in an enchanting way by placing your welcome sign on a hedge. Combine the sturdy signage with sleek calligraphy and gorgeous leaves and you have yourself a pretty little addition to the wedding decor!

7. Set the Table With It

Wondering how to make your place settings stand out? Fasten a handful of greens to your table settings for a clean presentation. You can even use foliage wreathes as runners and even add some crystal glassware and lucite candle holders and the entire table decor would look spectacular.

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8. Use It for Your Centerpiece

The classic floral centrepiece has been done before. If you want something bigger and bolder, place lemon trees in the middle of your reception table or pick some terrariums with succulents in them. Each centrepiece is either tall enough or short enough so that people can see the person across them. These plants won't just look pretty and smell fantastic; they’re also practical!

9. Ditch the Traditional Floral Bouquet

For the Christian brides out there, it's time to shake up the traditions. Choose a bouquet of foliage over florals and walk down the aisle in your cascading outfit with an ethereal vibe. Not to mention, the vivid rich hues will pop against a white wedding dress. 

10. Combine It With Drapery

Transport your guests to a tranquil garden by using greenery indoors! You can wrap green strands around wooden rafters on your ceiling or mix your drapery with leafy wreathes. Adding soft drapery and pretty floral chandeliers will give your venue a glam and upscale feel.

11. Dress Up Your Chairs

Chair decor is a great way to express your personality on the big day, and many of them can be creative and easy DIY projects, from fabric bows, ribbons and flower wreaths. A unique and fun way to spice up your decor is by marking your chairs with beautiful wreaths of greens. Affixing these greens to the back of the chairs gives it a more rustic and modern vibe. 

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

12. Pick A Greenery Inspired Lehenga

It’s your big day, so you make the rules! Instead of wearing a traditional lehenga why not have some fun with your look? Choose a green lehenga or a lehenga adorned with green leaves. This greenery pattern adds another layer of whimsy to an already breathtaking outfit!

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12 Unique Ways to Incorporate Greenery into Your Wedding Décor

by Shivani Singh

12 Unique Ways to Incorporate Greenery into Your Wedding Décor