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Ladoo and Chocolate Ka Dabba is our conventional and habitual answer whenever somebody asks what to gift with wedding invites. This time, instead of “aaj metha hai khaana” what if we say “kuch hatke hai laana?”

Make a choice that will amaze your guests. Many married couples follow the sweet path, how about setting the standards high and do something completely off-centric and modern. Here, at Shaadisaga how about we share a few inventive gifts that you can send along with your shaadi invites.


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Wine is synonymous with new age gifts that are to be given with the wedding invitation. A graceful and sober bottle of fine wine is sure to perk up your guests' faces.

Tip: Bulk buy bottles of wine from your nearest wine & beer shop to save decently.


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Easy, peasy, flavoury and so unique to look at. Parents think that there should be something sweet with a wedding card and we want something elegant and different, so why not take the jammy way. Jam has yummy flavours and this will be surely very well used by your guests too. You can find a lot of options on social media to get this worked.


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People are running towards the healthier side. Green tea and honey are passe, how about doing some yum organic granola and granola bars in some palatable flavours, and these also can make for amazing nutritious and tasty wedding favours.



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Indians always have a taste bud for spicy food and treats. Treat your guests with some favours of chilly and mustard sauces. Sweets are too conventional, let's go the spicy highway.


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Eco-friendly, adorable and value for money - this one is actually very unique and auspicious too. Plants are a clear winner in breaking the monotony of wedding favours. They also add a breeze of freshness to your homes which will indeed be a thoughtful favour to forward.

What unique something do you wish you forward? Let us know in the comments! 

Unique & Trending Favors To Forward With Your Wedding Cards

by Sanchita Sehgal

Unique & Trending Favors To Forward With Your Wedding Cards