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One of the most exciting things for the bride and groom apart from the wedding planning is preparing for their romantic honeymoon. Your honeymoon will be one hell of an experience and the whole planning starts from the destination itself. So, if you haven’t started the planning process or haven’t picked out your honeymoon destination yet, then we’ve compiled a list of factors that will help you decide how to pick the perfect honeymoon destination.

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How To Choose Your Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Whether to choose the bewitching charm of mountains and ditch the wondrous snow lands or bask at a romantic sun-kissed island—choosing your honeymoon destination can be a complicated decision. Amidst a plethora of exotic options, you have to single out a destination for your most special trip of yours! The hep nightlife of a destination will appeal to you, but a luxuriant experience being offered by another destination will also seem hard to reject! And in this confusing situation, if you are wondering how to choose the best honeymoon destination, relax buddy, you are not alone!

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Hence, to make it easier for you (just like we eased your honeymoon packing), here we bring to you the ultimate guide to choosing the best honeymoon destination. This ‘step-by-step guide to choosing a honeymoon destination’ will take you out of the pool of confusion and make sure you carve the most cherishable memories with your partner!

1. Decide on the Type of Landscape You Guys Want To Go To 

If you and your other half have always wished to go to a beach destination or somewhere chilly, then shortlist the honeymoon locations accordingly. Once you’ve singled out the type of location you want to head to, you can figure out the rest of the details then. So, whether it's a secluded island, enchanting mountains, lush greenery or luxuriant city life? Decide upon the type of environs you both want to see while on your honeymoon. This will further narrow down your options. Oh! And, don't forget to pack these things for your beach honeymoon. 

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2. It's All About The Perfect Timing, Right?

Another factor to consider when picking your honeymoon destination is the time when you’re planning on travelling. If you want to go somewhere right after getting married, do check that place’s weather conditions, peak season, and off-seasons as well!

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3. Things You & Your Other Half Will Enjoy Together

Your honeymoon destination should have activities and things that you and your other half will thoroughly enjoy doing together. This is the time when you and he will bond like never before so definitely go for someplace where you guys can do fun activities together! So, whether he wants to try adventurous water activities like scuba diving or snorkelling with you or you have always dreamt your honeymoon to be all about romance! Discuss it all beforehand and take a mutual call that caters to both of your's interests.

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4. Budget Planning is VV Impt! 

Ah, the most important factor when picking your honeymoon destination is the budget. Discuss with your other half of the budget and pick a destination that fits your desired budget! The task of finalizing your honeymoon destination becomes way easier when you have a fair idea of how much can you splurge on your romantic getaway. So, set a fixed budget and consider only those destinations which can be explored within that budget. Considering the destinations that are not within your means only add to your stress. Whether your honeymoon budget is around INR 1 lakh or can spend not more than 2 Lakhs, there are ample international options that you can check out on our blog.

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5. Consider The Duration - Minimoon VS Honeymoon 

Once your budget is set, the next thing to do is to set the duration of your honeymoon. Whether you want to go for a minimoon or a long honeymoon spread across weeks, pick the duration well.

6. Don't Solely be Wooed by Airfare and Hotel Packages

You sure might be getting a great deal for your airfare and hotel package but do not forget to double-check other costs like local restaurants, transportation and other activities. These 'other' costs may add up and be way more than what you expect. 

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7. Multi-Stops or One Location? Plan It In Advance! 

Another thing to think about is whether you want to cover just one location or head to various small-small destinations for your honeymoon. If you want to go to a country that has a lot to do then only go there but if you want to cover different areas in one country, opt for multi-stops.

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8. Or, Should You Opt for a Familiar or New Destination?

Travelling to a familiar location will be in your comfort zone but wouldn’t travelling to a new destination be all the more fun? Trust us, you will have a blast exploring and discovering new places together for your much-awaited Honeymoon

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9. Be Aware of What's Happening in The World

Research the current status of your prospective honeymoon destinations and check out if there are any health risks or chances of any political or climate unrest.

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Every Couple's Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Honeymoon Destination

by Medha Chawla

Every Couple's Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Honeymoon Destination