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A bra is like a good friend. It lifts you up and makes you feel good about yourself, provided that it is the right size. No, your right size is not what your regular bra lady assumes just by looking at you. Perhaps odd-fitting bras are the reason why you haven't been able to befriend bras. So, let's work on that today. I will be taking you to a world where bras are comfortable and you look and feel good when you are wearing one!

This blog is dedicated to helping you measure your right bra size, choose the best bra for your breast shape, and pick out all the bra essentials and bust myths related to bras!

Brides-to-be, make sure to read till the end to make the most out of your lingerie shopping budget and look fabulous in your wedding and honeymoon outfits!

The Ultimate Bra Shopping Guide

Measuring Your Breasts To Find The Right Bra Size

Many studies show that almost 80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size. Wearing the wrong size has a negative impact on both, your comfort and your confidence. It is important to wear the right size of bra as it helps you maintain a good posture and feel good about your appearance. It is also quite easy to find the right size. All you need is a measuring tape, a decent-fitting bra that you already own and a mirror. Follow the steps given below to discover your bra size!

  • Stand comfortably in front of a mirror wearing one of the bras that fit you the best. 
  • Wrap the measuring tape around your ribcage where the bra band sits, making sure that the tape is at the same height from the front and the back. The tape has to be snug and not too night. Write the measurement down, and round off the number to the next even number if it is an odd number or a decimal. For example, if you observe 33, take 34. This is your band size.
  • Next, wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breasts. It is usually right in the middle of your bust area, where the nipples are. Again, make sure that you are not being too tight or too loose with the tape. Round it off to the next even number if it is an odd number or a decimal. Note it is down right above the band measurement. 
  • Deduct the band measurement from the bust measurement. For example, if your band measurement is 32 and your bust measurement is 36, the difference you would get is 4. Note it down carefully. 
  • To determine your cup size, match the difference between the bust measurement and the band measurement with its corresponding alphabet. For example, if the difference is 1, your cup size is A, if the difference is 2, your cup size is B, etc. 
  • Lastly, put your band size and your cup size together and voila, you have successfully figured out your bra size!

Source Today

The Best Bra For Your Breast Shape

Just like we are all created differently, our breasts are too! We are all beautiful and unique and we have different needs, just like our breasts. Did you know there are different shapes when it comes to breasts? While you can go for any type of bra depending on what you want to wear, there is a particular type of bra for each breast shape which helps you boost your confidence and look your best! Scroll down to find the best bra for your breasts depending on their shape!

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1. Asymmetrical

One of your breasts is bigger or smaller than your other breast in terms of shape and size.

Best Bra For Asymmetrical Breasts: Push-Up Bra

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2. Wide Set

Your nipples point in opposite directions and not to the centre.

Best Bra For Wide Set Breasts: T-shirt Bra

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3. Slender

Your breasts have low volume and the nipples point downward.

Best Bra For Slender Breasts: Plunge Bra

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4. Bell

Your breasts are heavy at the bottom.

Best Bra For Bell-Shaped Breasts: Full Coverage Bra 

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5. Tear Drop

Your breasts are heavy at the bottom and tapered at the top. 

Best Bra For Tear Drop Shaped Breasts: Underwired Bra

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6. Round

Your breasts are moderately proportionate and circular. 

Best Bra For Round Breasts: Any Type Of Bra

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Must-Have Bras: From Colours To Type

Now that you have determined your bra size and know about the best bra according to your breast shape, let's go over some bra essentials. 

Bra Colors That You Must Have

1. Black

The reason for a black bra being a must-have is not only because it is sexy but also because it works perfectly under all dark clothing. 

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2. Nude

A nude bra that matches your skin tone perfectly will blend seamlessly under all clothes, from dark to light, especially white. 

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Types Of Bra That You Need 

1. A Lace Bra

A lace bra is hands down the most comfortable bra. It is great for lounging in it!

Source Myntra

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2. A T-shirt Bra

A t-shirt bra is your everyday sort of bra. You can wear it under all tops and dresses that are not revealing. 

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3. A Push-up Bra

A push-up bra is great for when you want your breasts to look lifted and rounded. 

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4. A Strapless Bra

You need a strapless bra to go with all your strappy and shoulder-less tops and dresses. 

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5. A Plunge Bra

A plunge bra is great for wearing underneath low-neckline tops and dresses. 

Source Myntra

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6. A Stick-on Bra

You need a stick-on bra to go with your backless and halter-neck tops and dresses. 

Source Myntra

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7. A Sports Bra

A sports bra is a must for when you are exercising. It gives you the most support and coverage. 

Source Myntra

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Source Myntra

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Little Accessories That Help You Make The Most Out Of Your Bra

1. Hook Extender

A hook extender is a patch that you attach to the hooks of your bra too to elongate the band. It is great for emergencies when your bra feels too tight and you can't get a new one soon enough. 

Source Myntra

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2. Transparent Straps

Transparent straps are detachable straps that you can attach to any bra with detachable straps. It comes in handy when you're wearing a sleeveless top and you don't want your bra strap to stand out. 

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3. Body Tapes, Covers & Pasties

One of the most popular among brides is the pasties, body tapes and covers which are the best alternatives for the Brassiere. 

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Busting Bra Myths: Pun Intended

Source Pinterest

1. Myth: Wearing underwired bras put you at risk of cancer

Fact - Wearing underwired bras for long hours can feel uncomfortable but is not directly linked to cancer. 

2. Myth: Your breasts remain the same in size and shape throughout your life.

Fact - The shape and size of your breast fluctuate with your weight and it changes throughout your life. 

3. Myth: Your breasts will sag if you don't wear a bra.

Fact - Breasts sag over time, with age and it is perfectly natural. Your bra can provide you with lift and support but it cannot stop your breasts from sagging over time. 

4. Myth: Black bras can cause cancer. 

Fact - There is no relation between wearing a black bra and getting cancer. 

5. Myth: Your bra size remains the same across all brands. 

Fact - Your bra size may differ depending upon the brand. You must always refer to the brand's size chart before making the purchase. 


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Your Ultimate Bridal Bra Shopping Guide: Finding The Right Size, Must Have Bras, & More!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Your Ultimate Bridal Bra Shopping Guide: Finding The Right Size, Must Have Bras, & More!