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"Enough with the flowers!" said NO bride ever in the history of weddings. Blooms and weddings go hand-in-hand in the truest sense of the phrase. Be it the decor, the garlands or the bride’s look, flowers are an integral part of everything. And why not, because look how pretty! They instantly add brightness and, not to forget, a sweet fragrance to everything they’re a part of. This is probably why most brides choose to go the floral way especially when it comes to their hairstyles.

Gone are the days when brides would opt for the ‘simple bun with a simple gajra’ look! Now it’s all about experimenting with different hairstyles and different flowers. We’re talking about millennial brides here, after all! They want everything about their big day to be just perfect.

If you are a soon-to-be bride who’s looking for some inspiration about the various blooms that can amp up your bridal hairstyles, you’ve landed at just the right spot. We have a list of the prettiest types of flowers for bridal hair that you can adorn on your D-day and other nuptial ceremonies. So without any further ado, check it out. 💮

13 Beautiful Flowers To Adorn Your Bridal Hairstyle With


Let’s just start with the basics, shall we? Roses are one of the most beautiful, elegant and easily available flowers that can instantly make you look like a princess on your wedding day. The best thing about these evergreen classic flowers (apart from their oh-so-dreamy fragrance of course!) is that they are available in a variety of different colours. This gives you an option to mix-and-match according to the colour of your outfit or the kind of makeup you have opted for. Cool, right?! 🌹

Baby’s Breath

Looking for one of the best flowers for bridal hair? Moving on to the second most favourite and ‘in’ flower on the bridal market these days - Baby’s breath. These dainty little things have a unique characteristic that can add so much to your look effortlessly. You can decide to adorn a bun with these flowers or a braid or any other hairstyle for that matter. Due to their tiny size, it also becomes easy to use them in a combination with other flowers like daisies, roses etc.

Baby's Breath With Other Florals 

Love baby's breath flower to the next level? Pair these beauties with other types of flowers like roses, marigold aka Genda Phool, hydrangeas, etc. and make your bridal hairstyle on point. From floral bun to bridal braid pair baby's breath flowers with other floral for your wedding celebrations. 


The funny thing about these gorgeous blooms is that most of us have seen them on numerous occasions, but we don’t know their name. Well, they’re called pansies and they are without a doubt one of the prettiest flowers out there. They are available in a variety of bright colours like purple, fuchsia, magenta and more, which make them a perfect choice for your sangeet, mehndi or haldi look. Their size makes them ideal to be used as accessories with open hair and braids, but hey, you can experiment as much as you like!


For all those not-so-OTT brides out there who love flowers but have opted for a subtle outfit in a pastel colour, hydrangeas are the best bet. They come in a variety of pastel colours like baby pink, cream, lilac and sky blue, which make them perfect to be paired with light-coloured outfits. In case your wedding outfit is in a very dark shade and you want to balance your look with something simpler in your hair, you know what to do!


You didn’t think we’d forget to mention the good old mogra aka jasmine in this list, did you? We know that a list of flowers for bridal hairstyle is incomplete without mentioning mogra! Nothing like the classic gajra after all! If you want to add a touch of the old-world to your bridal look, you can do that by experimenting with a jaali gajra, like this stunning bride over here. You could also swirl a garland of mogras around your braid or bun if you are looking to opt for a more traditional look.


Next type of flower for bridal hair is popular among brides-to-be, Chrysanthemum is a flower that looks drop-dead-gorgeous when adorned on a bridal hairstyle. Symbolising happiness and optimism this flower is perfect for your bridal bun or bridal braid hairstyle


They don’t just look amazing in bouquets, you know! Orchids make for a beautiful addition to bridal hairstyles, especially when paired with pastel-coloured outfits. You can mix-and-match them with other blooms of your choice or go for a string of different-coloured orchids. Totes your call, dear bride-to-be!


These bright-coloured beautiful blossoms make for amazing adornments for buns. Their petals are usually dual-coloured which makes them look unique. Since dahlias are big flowers, brides usually opt to string their petals around the bun rather than using the flower as a whole. But if you want, you can always ask your hairstylist to try a different style.


Carnations are the most graceful and chic flowers you could ever set your eyes on. The best part about these flowers is that they are available in beautiful variations of colours. You can create an ombre effect using them which looks stunning. If you don’t plan on covering your head with the bridal veil, you must give carnations a try. You’ll love them, we promise!


These easily-available blooms are another example of flowers that can add many stars to your already stunning bridal look. While most brides and hairstylists opt for white and yellow daisies, you can see what colour goes best with your outfit and overall look and choose accordingly. Daisies are perfect types of flowers for bridal hair and you can adorn them on a stunning open wavy hair or half-up braided hairstyles.

Purple Flowers

Next up are the varieties of purple flowers that are popular among brides who are getting married soon. Be it lavender, brachyscome, balloon flower, cosmos, petunia or gladiolus. These purple flowers are nothing less than a blessing for a hairstyle and look beautiful when adorned on a stunning hairstyle. 

Mix it up

Hmm, looking to adorn your hairstyle with best flower colours for bridal hair? Like we already said, no brides can ever have enough of flowers. If you want to add a dash of uniqueness to your bridal look and are open to experimentation, you can always combine as many different flowers as you want to adorn your hair with.

You can choose to go with roses, carnations and baby’s breath or with orchids and lilies with a hint of colourful pansies or you could simply ask your stylist to arrange for an assortment of wild colourful flowers for that boho chic bridal look. Your bridal look is like a blank canvas, so you can turn it into whatever makes you look and feel best.

Source Richa Dave

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We hope we helped you decide what kind of flowers you’d want to adorn your bridal hairstyle with. Let us know in the comments below!

Floral Fiesta: 13 Types of Flowers For Your Bridal Hairstyle

by Manvi Malhotra

Floral Fiesta: 13 Types of Flowers For Your Bridal Hairstyle