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Source: Recall PicturesSpeakingframe, Delhi

As much fun as it is to don bridal wear, it can get super difficult for brides-to-be to figure out which bra or brassiere to wear underneath. It’s not like we can buy one type of bra and make it work with all the wedding outfits because let’s face it, bridal outfits have a plethora of shapes and cuts. That is why it is super important to pick the right bra with every wedding outfit and that’s why we have this 101 guide for you today where you can wear the correct brassiere with your blouse neckline and look perfect from every angle. ✔️👙

Best Types of Bra That Will Go With Your Wedding Outfit

Let's be honest that your bra or brassiere can make or break the look and that's why it is very important to pick the best type of bra that will go perfect with your wedding lehenga, saree or even gown. So, to make your life easier we have come up with various types of bra for your dream wedding day.

Push-Up Bra

A push-up bra is going to be your best friend if you’re planning on wearing a lehenga or a saree. You need the upliftment with that heavily embroidered blouse. Not only will it accentuate your breast but you will get that desired shape. However, if you have heavy breasts, then we say that you stay as away as possible from this bra! 

Source Nykaa

BUY HERE | MRP: Rs 1999

Strapless Bra

A strapless bra is your go-to if you’re wearing an off-shoulder blouse design, tube or anything in which your shoulders are gonna be visible. This bra is made to support your breasts when you’re ditching the sleeves so don’t think twice before picking this one up. 

Source Nykaa

BUY HERE | MRP: Rs 1399

Backless Bra

Going for an outfit in which you get to flaunt your back or covering it only with something sheer? We suggest that you straight away go for a backless bra. A backless bra or a stick-on-bra is ideal if your wedding outfit has some amount of your back visible. After all, you wouldn’t want hooks or straps to be visible now, would you?

Source Nykaa

BUY HERE | MRP: Rs 479

Source Nykaa

BUY HERE | MRP: Rs 548

Plunge Bra

Have your eyes stuck to a deep v neck blouse or a deep neck gown for your wedding outfit but worried about how you're gonna pull it off? Well, now you can stop worrying because a plunge bra is a solution to your problem. This is one of the best bra types for outfits which have a deep neck. Not only will this bra make your breasts look great but you’re gonna be at ease in this!

Source Nykaa

BUY HERE | MRP: Rs 1399

Balconette Bra

Did you know that a balconette bra is ideal for outfits that have a wide neck? Yes girls, if you have picked an outfit for your wedding which has a wide neck then go with this type of bra. Rest, let the bra do everything for you!

Source Nykaa

BUY HERE | MRP: Rs 1073

Underwired Bra

For all you ladies who have heavy breasts, you don’t need to look further than this type of bra. An underwired bra is going to be your saviour because of the support and lift that it will give you underneath the outfit you’re picking for your wedding

Source Nykaa

BUY HERE | MRP: Rs 1299

Corset Bra

If you want your body to stay intact and in one shape for the evening, then go with a corset bra. This bra is going to hold your upper body till the time you have it on and will give you a sculpted figure for the wedding day!

Source Nykaa

BUY HERE | MRP: Rs 3999


We hope this helps you pick the right bra for your wedding outfit girlies! 

101 Guide: On Types of Brassiere That Will Go Best With Your Wedding Outfits

by Shweghna Gursahaney

101 Guide: On Types of Brassiere That Will Go Best With Your Wedding Outfits