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Whether you agree with us or not, wedding favours are the most exciting bit for guests at any wedding. With the modernisation of the entire Indian wedding concept, we are all for the changes made to the gifting scenario. But when it comes to wedding favours, there are some traditional ideas that we just can't let go off. Want to know what these traditional wedding favours are? Scroll through to know some of the best traditional gifts that every guest awaits for during an Indian wedding.  

Traditional Wedding Favours That we Love and Don't Want to be Replaced

Traditional Wedding Favours That Every Lady Loves!

Well, if you ask them they’d probably say they don't want any gifts, but the truth is that there is something that every woman loves as wedding favours. 

1. Traditional Dupattas

From colourful designs to classic patterns, dupattas are a traditional wedding favour idea that women love and would never want to be replaced by any other modern gift

2. Trendy Potlis & Clutches

We all know that no woman can ever have enough bags, and therefore the colourful fabric potlis or clutches make for one of the most loved traditional weddings favours too. 

Source Pink Crete

Source Pink Crete

3. Silk Thread Jewellery

One of the common weddings favours found at mehndi functions that ladies love are the traditional silk thread bangles and earrings. They make for a great wedding favour for girls to expand their jewellery collection.

Traditional Wedding Favours That Moms Don’t Want To Be Replaced

Let’s look at some of the traditional weddings favours that every mom looks forward to at Indian weddings. 

4. Traditional Saree

While they might have a hundred sarees in their closet, moms are the most excited when they receive a saree as a wedding favour. Don’t believe us? Tag your moms in the comment to check if this is true.

5. Kesar 

Only moms understand the value of high-quality Kesar and love these traditional wedding favours to stock up on some more Kesar for the winters especially. 

6. Spices Set

While we may fail to understand the importance of these spices, they are one of the most loved traditional weddings favours that every Indian mother loves. 

Source Mini Trends

7. Dinner Set

A little more on the extravagant side, but even giving out dinner sets as traditional wedding favours is a concept people follow, and well, it goes without saying who loves these gifts the most.

Traditional Wedding Favours That Are Rich In Nature

Whether you like wedding favours that are rich in price or quality, here are the best traditional wedding favours that you’d not want to get replaced. 

8. Pack of Dry Fruits

Without going by its cost, dry fruits are rich and traditional wedding favours that literally nobody wants to be replaced. Isn’t it?

9. Silverware 

Another traditional wedding favour idea that is rich in nature is gifting silverware with either spices or dry fruits inside. While there is nothing to not love about silverware, it is also one of the gifting ideas that we do not want to see replaced by any other gift. 

10. Money Envelopes

The classic money envelopes undoubtedly are the most cherished wedding favours and also one that we at no cost want to be replaced. We bet that you cannot disagree with this traditional wedding favour that is perfect for Indian weddings. 

Traditional Wedding Favours That Your Taste Buds Love

Last but not the least, Indian weddings boil down to pampering your taste buds, in one way or the other. Isn’t that true? 

11. Motichoor Ka Laddu

Let’s accept it that we go to weddings looking for Motichoor Ka Laddu and are more than happy when we get some back as a wedding favour. 

12. Assorted Dry Fruit Mithai

The only time most of us get to taste a wide range of assorted dry fruit sweets is when we receive a box of it as a wedding favour. Well, all we can say is that’s a traditional wedding favour that should never get replaced. 

Source Dezertfox

13. Chocolates

Chocolates are also a traditional wedding favour that is received with open arms and we hope that it continues to. So all the chocolate lovers out there, let’s hope that this traditional wedding favour never gets replaced. 


So, which traditional wedding favour do you never want to be replaced? Share your thoughts on our Facebook handle! 

13 Traditional Wedding Favours That We Love & Don't Want To Be Replaced

by Chinar Ghorawat

13 Traditional Wedding Favours That We Love & Don't Want To Be Replaced