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Spanning across decades while undergoing avant-garde changes, the Indian wedding industry has so noticeably grown and progressed in a way that's beyond basic comprehension. Looking back at those times when our parents got married and looking at these recent times where we're waiting to slip into those wedding shoes, the contrast seems huge. Very rapidly the wedding industry broke free from the set norms and blossomed into a surreal experience for couples in India.

The modern-day weddings are a creative blend of new and old and while we can't deny the charisma of old school, the new is what makes it so happening. But it's only from the old that something new can grow. So while we can't stop amazeballin' at how some of the basic and cliche aspects of weddings changed overtime subsequently changing the face of the entire wedding industry, we thought to uncover them for you too. You'll be zapped at how realistic they are!

Prominent Weddings Elements that changed with Trends

1. It's no more about giving just the 'mithai ka dabbas' to the guests. Say hi to favours.

We all remember mithai ka dabbas being given to all the guests who attended the wedding, don't we? But as the years went by, those mithais have quite evidently transformed into favours—meaningful and new-age favours. The trend of favours emerged on a large scale and have only been evolving ever since. Right from giving quirky favours on mehndi and useful favours on the wedding to having a special decor setup for displaying those favours, you'd always find this aspect of weddings brimming with newness.

From mithai ka dabbas to scrumptious goodies

[1] Source Ghasitaram [2] Invites by Designs By Simran Monga, Delhi

2. The journey of a bridal lehenga from classic Red to striking Pastels!

Of course, the charm of traditional red bridal lehengas can never die down and they're going to be a forever thing! But how a bridal lehenga's colour palette transitioned over the years is simply unimaginable. While the bridal lehengas are happily frolicking about in every hue in modern times, how gently they flowed from pretty pinks & lilacs to pristine whites & blazing greens, blues and now greys is jaw-dropping! Our beloved bridal designers have certainly left us all spoilt for choices and can't be appreciated enough for how they changed the face of Indian bridal wear.

From traditional reds to fresh pastels

[1] Shot by Reels And Frames, Mumbai [2] Shot by Amanpreet photography, Delhi

3. Vows aren't about the 'saat pheras' anymore!

Yes, the saat pheras, the eternal Indian vows are the essence of Indian marriage and basically constitute the entire idea of marriage. But what has made it unique over the years adding more charm to them is how couples are indulging in taking those extra vows that summarize their relationship. Be it vowing to never go to sleep being angry at each other or be it vowing to always leave the last slice of pizza for your bub, personalized vows have so happily made their way to our weddings.

From saath phere to personalized vows

[1] Shot by Studio Beunique, Ahmedabad [2] Source Zohaib Ali Photography

4. Baraat isn't just a groom thing anymore! Make way for the brides with their own baraats.

Gone are the days when only the groom could swagger his way to his wedding with a baraat. It's a woman's world and what consequently arose along the changing times was the spectacular bridal entry. With newer and sassier ways of entering right from majestic raths and riding on a bike to riding on a ghodi with their own baraat, there isn't much left to imagination already.

From grooms on ghodi to brides on ghodi

[1] Source Pink Palki [2] Shot by Fotowalle - The Story Folks , Gurgaon

5. A new and edgy line of wedding invitations.

Yet another aspect of weddings that quite distinctly went a lot many notches higher is the wedding invitations. With a huge and pretty apparent up-gradation to e-invites, themed invites like toolbox invite, personalized invites etc., the vast and creative range is unbelievable. Not just the invites but, even the bhaaji or mithai that's forwarded along with with the invites have been amped up to new age edible favours and uniquely useful ones.

From simplistic designs to experimental ones

[1] Invites by Pink Whistle Man, Mumbai [2] Invites by Inksedge, Bangalore

6. Guestlist no more defines your social status 'cuz intimate weddings are now a hit thing!

Of course, the trend of big fat Indian weddings is nowhere to go and is something that so many of us desire but, over the years the idea of an intimate wedding has flourished way too much. With a limited number of guests and even an isolated destination sometimes, couples are preferring a close-knit and small affair and that's something worth applauding. Well, you know how weddings have always been more about sho-sha, right? Be it hosting their wedding at their residence or a wedding with only 15 guests, the steps towards an intimate wedding are quite steady and far wide.

From 500 guests to 15 guests

[1] Shot by Dream Diaries, Mumbai [2] Shot by Dhanika Choksi Photography, Delhi

7. A drift of change from a shy bride to a millennial outgoing bride.

The era of peppy, outgoing and fun brides has dawned upon us and well, for all the right reasons. For the way brides were expected to be all quiet and reserved back then, how quirky and fun the millennial brides are today, the progressive leap is too big to go unnoticed. And of course, worth celebrating. Be it dancing and boozing as much, making the most of their wedding with their boy gang or breaking the stereotypical standards of bridal look, the definition of a being a bride has gone through a major transformation.

From being a nervous bride to singing in the bathtub hours before the wedding

[1] Shot by Safarsaga Films, Chandigarh [2] Shot by Infinite Memories, Delhi

8. The wave of personalization amps up the basic.

Personalization has become a highly imperative part of a wedding. Right from outfits and jewellery to the decor and food spread, even the tiniest of the basic elements are being personalized to bring about more meaning to the celebrations. For that matter, even the entire theme of the ceremonies and the wedding can be customized to suit the couples' needs.


Let us know if we missed something on this list in the comments below!

8 Traditional & Dominant Wedding Aspects that Got a Spin of Modernity

by Divya Arora

8 Traditional & Dominant Wedding Aspects that Got a Spin of Modernity