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When you are the to-be bride, every little and big detail about your bridal attire matters a lot. Whether it is the color of your lehenga, the blouse design or even the length of your sleeves, everything has to be just on point. While a lot of brides do pay attention to the neckline or the back design of their blouse, one thing that most of them completely neglect is the sleeves.

Even though sleeves may not be the focal point of your bridal blouse but they can make a lot of difference to your wedding look. Right from giving that perfect edge & drama to a simplistic lehenga to making a petite body frame look taller, your sleeves can literally make or break your look. And to make sure, you don't end up goofing up with your d-day look anyhow, here we have enlisted some useful tips that can help you pick the right sleeve length for your bridal blouse. Give it a quick read and know which sleeve length would best suit your body type!

All types of sleeve lengths & how to pick the best one for you!

1. Full Sleeves

Source Pinterest

~ A full sleeved blouse looks great on almost every body type.
~ It is the perfect choice for girls who want to show little or no skin at all.
~ Girls who have thinner arms should definitely pick full sleeves with subtle embroideries on it.
~ Those with fuller and heavier arms can also opt for full sleeves but only in fabrics like chiffon, net & georgette with minimal embroideries.
~ While full sleeves blouse with plunging neckline or a showy back works great for brides who have a heavier built, brides who are comparatively leaner can ace full sleeves by keeping the length of their blouse short.
~ Also, while choosing the fabric for your blouse, keep this in mind that thinner material is apt for heavier brides & thicker material is apt for brides who are thin.

2. Half Sleeves

~ Those who want to keep their bridal blouse simple yet elegant should definitely go for half sleeves.
~ Half sleeves can result in making you look too casual at times. So, make sure you wear them with right embellishments.
~ When you’re opting for half sleeves, try to keep them at least 4 inches long. This way they look neither too long nor too short.
~ Ditch outlining your sleeves with a border when you go half sleeves. Border outlining looks good only with elbow sleeves.
~ For brides who are planning to keep the neckline of their blouse too deep should pick these sleeves without second thoughts. They are the best!

3. Sleeveless

~ These are ideal for leaner brides, especially ones with toned arms.
~ Those brides who are heavier on the arms should completely ditch going sleeveless with their bridal blouse.
~ Even though going sleeveless is always an option but it isn’t the most popular amongst the brides.

4. Quarter Sleeves

Source Memoirz

~ Just like full sleeves, quarter sleeves too, look good on every body type.
~ Quarter sleeves can give an elongated look to brides with a petite body frame. So, if you are one, just pick these for your blouse.
~ A great option for brides with too heavy or too lean arms.
~ Those who don't want to flaunt too much skin and have an overall heavier built can opt for these.

5. Bell Sleeves

~ Bell sleeves suit the most on brides who are both lean & petite as they can provide that much-needed volume to their look. Just make sure to not add too much flare if you are heavy on the arms.
~ These sleeves can give a western touch to your otherwise traditional lehenga.

6. Elbow-length Sleeves

~ Elbow-length sleeves are making the most noise these days. Even our B-town beauty Sonam Kapoor picked it for her bridal blouse.
~ These sleeves can give your bridal blouse the right kind of contemporary look.
~ When picking such sleeves, don’t compromise on the fittings as it can make or break your wedding day look. Also, make sure the length of the sleeves cut slightly above the elbow.
~ If you’re someone who is heavier on the upper body, you should opt out from picking these sleeves in thicker materials or with heavy embroidery.
~ Elbow-length sleeves go well with both slim as well as bulky brides. However, the material should always be taken care of.

7. Puff Sleeves

~ For brides who are too lean and have a curvaceous upper body, this option is just perfect.
~ However, if you have a chubby face, you shouldn’t try puff sleeves as they might end up making you look heavier.

8. Cape Sleeves

~ If you want to add a hint of drama to your bridal attire, cape sleeves can be your pick.
~ Girls with chubby face & a heavier bust should say a big no to these sleeves.
~ These sleeves are perfect for short brides as these make them look taller.

9. No sleeves (for a bustier blouse)

~ For girls who have well-defined arms & collar bones to flaunt, going ‘No sleeves’ with their blouse can be an option.
~ This is more ideal for brides who have a slim straight body.


Full sleeves or Cape sleeves? Which one are you picking for your bridal blouse?

The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Sleeve Length for your Bridal Blouse

by Anupriya Khanna

The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Sleeve Length for your Bridal Blouse