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Hair accessories are undoubtedly the new cool when it comes to bridal wear these days. While brides wear a tiara for mehendi ceremony, the headbands are the current fads worn on a cocktail or reception party. So if you’re getting married and confused about what to wear when then let us compare tiara vs headbands for you and make the choice simpler for your wedding celebrations.  

What To Wear When: Tiara Vs Headband

When To Wear A Tiara

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1. When Opting For A Minimal Jewellery Look

Tiaras are usually considered more elaborate than headbands as they make for a more eye-catching accessory on a bride. So if you’re looking to minimise your jewellery, adding a tiara to your look can cover up for the same while still making you look like a bride. 

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2. For Your Mehndi Or Haldi Function

Floral jewellery and accessories make its way to haldi and mehndi ceremonies for brides quite often these days. While both tiaras and headbands made with flowers look breathtaking, tiaras are a slightly more perfect pick for the pre-wedding functions making the bride’s look stand out.

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3. When Wearing A Veil

While between tiara vs headband, we love both equally, we do not want to deny the fact that a tiara looks perfect when you’re wearing a veil. Especially for our Christian brides - a tiara with the veil is a classic style that you do not want to mess with. 

4. When Opting For Half-Tie Hairstyles

When you compare tiara vs headband, tiaras are definitely not easier to carry as compared to the headbands and therefore work perfectly when paired with a half tied hairstyle. This allows you to stay fuss-free when it comes to your hair accessory and enjoy the function without being conscious. 

Source Flosaira

When To Wear A Headband

1. When You Want To Jazz Up Your Bridal Look

Headbands make for a blingy addition to the wedding attire and therefore works perfectly when paired with an outfit that is either shimmery itself or requires to be glammed up with its accessories. So can't decide between tiara vs headband? Pick a blingy headband for your cocktail night and look drop-dead-gorgeous. 

2. When You Want To Keep Your Hair Away From Your Face

As basic as this sounds, headbands are the perfect hair accessory for brides to keep their hair away from their face. So for this prefer to put your hair back an pick a headband that goes perfectly with your bridal wear. 

3. When Open Hair Hairstyles Are Your Jam

If you’re a bride that loves open hair hairstyles but also want to add a hair accessory to it, headbands could be the perfect pick that makes your hairstyle stand out. Be it curls, or messy hairstyle, there is no open hair hairstyle that cannot accommodate a pretty headband.

4. When You Pick A Hatke Bridal Lehenga For Your Big Day

Last but not the least, headbands work perfectly with your bridal lehenga and are therefore becoming a current rage amongst the millennial brides. So if your bridal attire is not traditional enough to accommodate a maangtikka or mathapatti but you love the idea of hair accessories, then opt for a blingy headband that matches your jewellery. 


So, did you compare tiara vs headband and reached to a conclusion? Tell us in comments about what to wear when. 

What To Wear When: Tiara vs Headband

by Chinar Ghorawat

What To Wear When: Tiara vs Headband