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Every couple wants their guests to rave about their wedding but more than entertaining your guests, you should think of comforting your guests especially those whose blessings will go long way in creating your happily ever after.

So, incorporate these trends into your wedding to let your senior guest enjoy the fullest without a bit of tension.

#1 Mobility

If you're accommodating at a resort or in a property that is huge, an electric car or wheelchair should be a necessity. Oldies can't walk too much and it's an indirect torture on them. 

#2 Special Menu

Of course, there is no way you are compromising the quality of your food, but you must also keep in mind the specific needs of all your guests. Mostly elders are diabetic or cannot eat spicy food. Therefore, you must take it into consideration and plan accordingly.

#3 Seat them with a company

While you'll be busy rocking the dance floor or getting clicked with all the attendees, your grandees must be so bored sitting alone, they deserve to enjoy equally, don't they? Arrange their seating with other older guests so they give each other company and can share stories of yesteryears.

#4 Heater/shawls

Whether your wedding is during the summers or winters, provide them with shawls or heaters. While in winters the weather is the reason, in summers it's because of the air conditioners. Elders are likely to feel the chills more than you do. So, make sure their seating is in a warm and cosy place.

#5 Assign a bridesmaid/ Groomsmen

Put someone in charge of your elderly guests, while they are at your wedding. Ensure that this is someone who is considerate and sensible, who is sure to assist them properly.

#6 A Resting Room

With longing celebrations of an entire day, your grandparents or older guests will feel completely exhausted after a certain time. Make sure you have arranged a separate room, near the wedding venue, for them to be able to rest for sometime and resume to the celebrations.

Have you ticked these on your wedding planning checklist yet?

Thoughtful Things For Older Guests Attending Your Wedding

by Simran Keswani

Thoughtful Things For Older Guests Attending Your Wedding