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Source Isha Shukla

As much of a rage big fat Indian weddings at some picturesque location with fancy ceremonies and hep merrymaking are, private and intimate weddings with ceremonies hosted at home are an in thing too. For the close-knit affair and warm homely feels, hosting wedding ceremonies or even the wedding for that matter, at the residence itself, is being highly favoured by the couples in modern times.

That being said, hosting your wedding ceremonies at home isn't a cakewalk and requires a lot of planning and a lot of things that you should keep in mind while doing so. If you're planning to host your wedding ceremonies at your abode, then keep scrolling down to know about some of the best ways to host wedding ceremonies at home.

Keep this checklist handy for a blissful and spirited homely affair!

Things to Keep in Mind While Hosting Wedding Ceremonies at Home

1. The budget

Finalizing the budget for your wedding is the first and foremost task that you should be taking care of as it sets the base for your entire wedding basically. When it comes to hosting ceremonies at home especially, which saves you the venue costs, ideating everything accordingly is a must. See what all you can rent and everything that you cannot.

2. Your guest list

Because the ceremony is being hosted at your residence, it becomes all the more essential that you become really picky about who all to invite. Considering the budget, space and the fact that it's going to be a private and an intimate affair it's important that you keep the essentials of planning your guest list in mind.

3. Parking arrangements

Now, the availability of parking is unquestionably a serious issue even if you have a basement at your place. While hosting wedding ceremonies at home, expect a lot of vehicles that would need parking space. Have those arrangements checked or consider hiring valet services for that matter.

4. Use the entire space available

One of the essentials of hosting wedding ceremonies at home is to make sure that all the available space is being utilized to the best. Be it your seating arrangements, your food and catering stations or your dance floors with the DJ console, everything would require space. And of course, you wouldn't want it all to look too packed with little space left to move or frolic about. So try making full use of every little corner of your residence even if it is a lobby, the entrance or the sidewalks.

5. Decorations are done smartly

This is yet another aspect of hosting wedding ceremonies at home that would require careful and smart planning. Decking up your house for your functions is a given and is more than just lighting it up with fairy light strings in a typical way. Considering the space available avoid including huge and expansive decor elements like bulky stages, photobooths, quirky installations and large tablescapes. Instead, try amping up the existing elements like trees, plants, walls and corners by decorating them with lights, edgy cascading adornments, floral chandeliers or dreamcatchers and floral garlands.

6. Washrooms availability

Of course, you would be having certain washrooms of your house accessible to people but, let's face it, that's not going to be enough. The best way of dealing with this situation is to have portable washrooms available for your guests at your venue. Set them up in some corner so that it doesn't mess up your home inside.

7. Vendor coordination is a must

So obviously, all the vendors that you've booked are going to visit your place off and on to assess how their part needs to be done flawlessly. Which also means that all the vendors coordinate and cooperate amidst themselves regarding space and all the hows to work in unison.

8. Allowed room access

While hosting wedding ceremonies at home, you should also take care of how much access do your guests have to your rooms. Be it for the washroom purposes or for dressing, you obviously can't keep all your rooms open and accessible to everybody. Don't forget to work that out.

9. Electricity backup

This obviously makes up for an obvious essential but yes, make sure to have a generator available for electricity back up. Power cuts while you're in full-on celebratory mode are a big no-no!


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9 Things to Keep in Mind Before Hosting Wedding Ceremonies at home

by Divya Arora

9 Things to Keep in Mind Before Hosting Wedding Ceremonies at home