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While we all want the perfect wedding with a perfect setup, the right weather conditions, and everything to go as smoothly as it can, you may encounter some last-minute problems or emergencies. And, one such emergency or issue in hand can be heavy rainfall or pouring on your wedding day. The weather in India is so unpredictable that nowadays even in the months when we’re not supposed to see rainfall, we do end up seeing a little drizzle and rain showers.

So, if you’re getting hitched around the rainy season or are scared that it might pour on your big day, we have the ultimate solutions ready for you. Scroll below to find out everything you can do if it rains on your wedding day!

What to Do If It Pours on Your Wedding Day

1. Check the Weather in Advance 

It's crucial for you to have a fair idea of whether it will pour on your wedding day or not. Checking the weather app will not just help you come up with a plan but you can actually decide to have some rituals indoors and other ceremonies can take place outdoors depending on the weather.

2. Discuss With Your Wedding Decorator

You need to work hand-in-hand with your decorator to come up with a plan if it pours on your big day. You can always tell her to set up a clear tent or move the dance floor inside if it suddenly rains. Trust your decorator to take the right call when it comes to rain on your wedding day.

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3. Have a Plan B Ready

Even if there is a tiny chance of rain on the days of your wedding functions, you should have a plan B ready. For plan B, you can either go with a venue that has both outdoor and indoor spaces. Again, clear tents and glass houses are great options when looking for a venue.

4. Arrange for Rain Supplies

Apart from making a plan for the wedding venue, you should have emergency supplies ready in case it rains at the last moment. Have multiple umbrellas, raincoats, and rain gear for the wedding guests.

5. Protect Your Bridal Outfit

Ladies, you’ve spent a lot of bucks on your wedding outfit so protecting it is your priority. Since the fabric for bridal outfits is not waterproof, it is best for you to stay indoors as much as possible. For your photoshoots, try and choose an area where you will be able to stay away from water.

6. Have a Flexible Wedding Schedule

If there is any last-minute rain prediction, be flexible to change the timings on the day of your wedding. You can always prepone or postpone the event till the time the rain does not start or finish.

7. Just Enjoy the Moment

Lastly, we don’t have any control over the weather but we do have control over our day. Make the most of your day and enjoy the moment to the fullest. Oh, and let’s not forget that rain showers are actually a sign of good luck! ;)


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Here Are The Things To Do If It Rains on Your Wedding Day

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Here Are The Things To Do If It Rains on Your Wedding Day