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Getting married is as important for a guy as much as it is for a girl. From feeling nervous about leaving bachelorhood behind, to being excited to share the rest of their lives with their significant someone, there's a lot happening. You have to pin down on the designers or stores for your outfit, come up with a smashing entry with the Baraat, grooms have their plates before the wedding. And during weddings, it is very easy for the dapper groom to lose track of time or the situation and commit a mistake that might ruin their wedding day. Well, not ruin it completely but definitely add a sour dent on the celebrations. 

So grooms, to make sure that your big day sails smoothly without tripping on any random seashells, we've curated a list of things to avoid before the wedding for grooms. From dressing the part to staying cool under pressure, here’s everything you need to do to get to the mandap with as little speed bumps as possible and these things to avoid before the wedding for the groom!

10 Things Grooms Should NOT Do Before Their Wedding Day

1. Don't Sleep Late

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This is the one thing you need to ensure before your wedding celebrations begin. Go to bed on time because you also need your beauty sleep! If you don't sleep on time, you will wake up tired and drained as your sleep cycle will be incomplete. If you don't want to yawn throughout your wedding, then you better sleep on time and get at least 8 hours of sleep each day! 

2. Holding Your Bachelor Party A Day Before The Main Wedding

Wanna make it to your Baraat on time? Then don't get drunk the night before! Drinks may be an essential part of weddings but that doesn't mean that you have to get drop-dead drunk the night before your wedding. If you do, you'll wake up with a hangover and a horrible headache and your wedding will pass by in an unpleasant haze. So, our advice here would be not to hold your bachelor party a day before your wedding day! 

3. Eating A Heavy Dinner

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Big fat Indian weddings boast big fat food menus. However, eating a heavy dinner the night before can have consequences on your health. This is a mistake to avoid before the wedding for a groom. The general nervousness of getting married added with a heavy meal can make you sick during your wedding. This means you need to steer clear of deep-fried and spicy food as it may give you an upset stomach or heartburn. 

4. Laze Around Or Get Drunk

We strongly advise all grooms this one. At a wedding, the bride is always running around to get work done. So should you. Help your future wife out. Divide the work amongst yourselves and get things done on time. Coordinate with vendors and guests, and make sure you’re equally involved with the whole process. If you laze around or are busy drinking the time away with your friends, it will leave a bad impression on not only others but your bride as well.

5. Ignoring Symptoms Of Any Kind Of Illness

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You don’t wanna fall sick on your big day. This is one of the things to take care before the wedding by grooms. So, even if you experience a mild headache or cold-like symptom, take a medicine for it. Treat every symptom like it’s serious. It’s easy to fall sick before your wedding because all the work takes a toll on your body. However, if any symptom goes untreated, you may fall ill and won’t be able to enjoy your own day to the fullest. 

6. Not Trying Your Wedding Clothes Beforehand

We’re all well aware of how most men don’t really care about the clothes they wear that much. But your wedding shopping happens days, even months before your wedding day. While your safas and jewellery won't be an issue, you may want to try on your clothes. During that process, you may have lost or gained a little weight due to all the work and stress of the upcoming celebration. So we strongly suggest that 3-4 days before you try on your clothes and get alterations done if needed.

7. Calling Your Ex

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This is a self-explanatory big no-no. You don’t want your former flame showing up at your wedding. And calling her a day before, just because you have wedding jitters is a bad idea. An act like this may leave a bad impression on your bride and may even cause fissures in your trust. If you’re feeling nervous, or even getting cold feet, talk to your spouse to be because she is going through the same thing. Talking about your feelings with her will help. Calling your ex won’t!

8. Trying A New Hairstyle

Experiments are fun. Experiments with your hair before the wedding day- is definitely not a fun idea! Get your hair cut done by a trusted stylist at least a week before the wedding. This way, even if there is some mismatch in your haircut, your hair can grow out within than a week. However, if you get some new kind of haircut or beard design the day before your wedding and it doesn't look nice, then remember, your wedding photos will always serve as a reminder. 

9. Trying Something New On The Face

Just like brides, no groom wants to look like a disaster on the day of their wedding. So, if you’re getting any kind of skincare work done at a salon (or at home), make sure it isn’t something new or experimental. If you’re planning to get a facial, then get it a day or two before, since the actual glow from facials shows up a day or two later. And before you try anything new, do a patch test, whether it’s bleach, a face mask or hair colour. 

10. Losing Your Patience Or Temper

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Dealing with vendors, families and wedding guests is difficult. Everything and everyone is up in a frenzy. You may not like the way a vendor is performing, or you may not like the way a particular guest or family member is behaving. Heck, your own bride might be turning into a bridezilla and freaking out. However, this doesn’t mean you turn into a groomzilla! It is best to deal with something like this in a calm manner. If you lose your temper, you might end up saying something you don’t mean or spoil the entire festive mood for yourself or others. So, keep calm!


Do you think we missed something? Let us know in the comments below!

10 Things Grooms Should Avoid Before Their Weddings

by Shivani Singh

10 Things Grooms Should Avoid Before Their Weddings