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One of the things that all to-be brides are excited for other than their wedding is when they get to watch television shows and movies that revolve around weddings. For it is these television shows and movies that give them ideas and inspiration for their own wedding functions. So today we are talking about the latest television series addition to Netflix called, 'The Big Day'. The Big is a show about the concept of arranged marriages that take the shape of a big fat Indian wedding in today’s time. Scroll below to find out everything that we loved from this television series! 

Things To Bookmark From Netflix’s Television Show 'The Big Day' 

Wedding #1: Divya & Aman's Eco-Friendly Wedding

Being in a relationship for 11-12 years (yes, we’d like to keep it open-ended too) the couple obviously had to have an adorable love story but what took our heart away was the thought the duo had while planning their wedding. We’ve seen quite a few sustainable marriages but the fact that Divya was so eager to have only those items which were locally sourced from Bishangarh, were eco-friendly, and could be recycled again is what made us truly be in awe of the wedding. We also love the fact that both Divya and Aman were interested in doing the wedding functions according to what pleased them and not what was right. We adore the fact that they quit the usual mehendi function and instead opted for a farmer’s market theme. Now that is something you don’t come across often. All in all, it was a beautiful wedding ceremony full of love and authenticity! 

Wedding #2: Nikhita and Mukund's Grand Themed Wedding 

Residing in California, we had never thought at the starting of the show that this duo’s wedding would be as grand and beautiful in India as they had said but my, we were truly amazed to see how well everything took place. The fact that Nikhita was no ordinary bride and was adamant about having everything personalised to the T is what made their functions so beautiful. #MukhsGotNikhed was no doubt a larger-than-life wedding but we also think that every girl who has ever dreamed of having a fairytale-like wedding would be in love with this one. Another thing that really stood out in their wedding and was also something we loved was how well all the themes were curated. From the Alice in Wonderland mehendi function to the Bollywood-themed sangeet function, it was really something new to experience as a viewer!

Wedding #3: Nitin and Ami's Magical Wedding Where Duo Ditched The Pheras

Nitin and Ami’s love story was definitely no ordinary one. How they decided to get married or more like how Ami declared that its time to tie the knot is what really cracked us up. She was obviously not a typical bride but that’s what we loved about their wedding. Ami was more than once vocal about the fact that she is a perfectionist and she wants her wedding to be exactly the way she’s always envisioned it to be. Throughout their wedding scenes, we’ve seen vendors mention how much she has OCD when it comes to details and that everything has to be exactly how she wants but shouldn’t that be the case? After all, it is her special day and why shouldn’t she have what she wants?

We also loved the surprise proposal that Nitin planned for her in front of their loved ones under the garden covered with flowers and fairy lights. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that this duo ditched the pheras and did the whole wedding vows thing with everyone witnessing from the floor above. Clearly, a lot of unconventional things took place but everything seemed in place! 

Wedding #4: Pallavi and Rajat's Beautiful Wedding With No ‘Kanyadaan’ Ritual

The entire time we were watching Pallavi and Rajat’s wedding happen, all we could think was how brides can really take over everything and make things happen when it comes to their own wedding. There was so much to learn and love from this wedding but what we loved exceptionally was that Pallavi was always clear about the fact that this wedding should make Rajat and her happy before anything else. Throughout the show, she repeatedly mentions that we might be doing things differently but it's our day so nothing is more important than that and we rightly agree so. Also, the fact that the bride simply said that no ‘Kanyadaan’ ritual would take place is something surely unheard of but is definitely not wrong. In fact, we were also glad to see how the priest managed to make everyone happy by having everyone there for the ritual to have the equality factor. A lot of unorthodox things took place but when Pallavi and Rajat tied the knot, we could see that this is the only way they wanted things to take place and would not have it any other way! 

Wedding #5: Aditya and Gayeti's Wedding Mixed With Traditions  

Every couple is unique and so is their wedding. Aditya and Gayeti met in a Pitbull concert and were inseparable ever since. We first fell in love with the couple when we heard about how Aditya proposed to Gayeti most candidly and adorably. Obviously, Aditya wanted things to go differently but somehow this worked out better for him than he imagined. Another thing that we loved about this duo’s wedding was the fact that they mixed traditions with what made them happy. The fact that Gayeti’s mum suggested having an open poetry session on the mehendi function because Gayeti doesn’t want that function but as per the liking of others and some level of tradition she should, they mixed the two and made something beautiful happen. Then how Gayeti who had never thought that she would be one for traditions is excited after the big day to enter Aditya’s family and be a part of it. Their wedding shows how brides experience new feelings when they’re getting hitched and that’s also something we really loved about the wedding. 

Wedding #6: Daniel and Tyrone's Wedding Which Showed #Loveislove!

Daniel and Tyrone did not have it easy right from the start. The fact that they were queer and wanted to get married to each other somehow always became an obstacle for them. What we loved and what makes us go in awe of this dynamic couple is how strong their love was. Despite life throwing curveballs their way, they held their ground and came out strong. We loved the Germany wedding but the cross-culture wedding that took place in India was simply breathtaking. It was full of tradition and rituals, both Daniel and Tyrone’s smiles were unmeasurable and most importantly, they felt accepted by both the families and friends. Their love is beautiful and you can witness that so very easily! 


Which was your favourite wedding from ‘The Big Day’? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Things That We Absolutely Loved from the Netflix Series 'The Big Day'

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Things That We Absolutely Loved from the Netflix Series 'The Big Day'