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The bond that a daughter shares with her father is quite a special one. Your father is the first man in your life who sets high standards about what a man should be like, he’s your lifetime protector and the person you’ll always look up to whether it is for advice or simply for wisdom. And, it is but natural that after he hands you over to the second most important man in your life, there are so many things you won’t be able to do or miss doing together. That’s why today, to honour the rock of our lives, we have come up with the top 15 things that all brides will miss with their dads after getting hitched. Scroll below to see how many of them you can relate to! 

15 Things All Brides Will Miss Doing With Their Dads

1. Impromptu Plans

Remember those after-dinner drives or those impromptu trip plans that you could make with your father? Well, those plans will no longer be impromptu. Now, there’s going to be a ton of planning and scheduling involved to be able to go on trips or even dinners!

2. You’ll Now Have to Find Someone Else For Your Breakdowns

Everyone has a breakdown now and then whether it is for a work crisis or if something goes haywire. While earlier you could confide in your dad and trust him to give you comfort, it may not be the same after you get hitched. Now, you can always pick up the phone to share details of your bad day but it won’t be the same as sitting down with him and getting reassured.

3. Pampering Sessions Will Go Down

Fathers simply adore their daughters and now and then they like to pamper their babies in their sweet manner. While your dad will go out of his way to pamper you now but things will be different after you get married.

4. You’re Gonna Miss That Openness

With parents, there is no formality or restrictions. You’re always candid and open with them, especially with your daddy dearest. Now that you’ll be married, be prepared that it may not be possible to have that openness that you had in your own home thanks to your dad.

5. How He Was Always Ears To You

After a long day, we all want someone to come home to who is all ears to our problems. Well, who can be better than your dad for this role? After getting married, it will hit you that what a blessing it was to have your dad always by your side; listening to anything and everything.

6. You’ll Even Miss His Scolding and Lecturing!

Remember those late-nighters you pulled off with your friends when you pushed your curfew? And remember how your dad used to scold you and lecture you to be home on time? Well, you may hate this conversation now but later on, you’re gonna miss it dearly!

7. Those Warm & Loving Hugs

Sometimes a hug is enough to make someone feel dearly loved or just to give comfort and we know how amazing it felt when you got those warm hugs from your dad. While the hugs will still exist, they won’t be as often as they used to be when you were living under the same roof as him.

8. Ganging Up Against Your Mom

How amazing it was to pull your mom’s leg with your dad? Remember how you guys used to gang up against her and always ended up having a good laugh? Well, mark our words that you’ll miss doing this so much after you get married!

9. He Would Never Let You Spend a Single Penny

You are and will always be daddy’s little girl no matter how much you start earning. He wouldn’t ever let you spend a dime when you’re out with him or even if you’re ordering something home. After getting married, you will be running your own home and will remember how your dad used to take care of you!

10. You’ll Miss Him Taking Care of You When You’re Sick

All daughters can see their dads the most stressed when they are sick. They go in full caring mode and make sure that you have the maximum comfort. After tying the knot, if and when you get sick, you will miss your dad and him caring so much!

11. Taking His Opinion After Getting Dressed

There were so many times that you got dressed up and were super confused, about whether an outfit looked good on you or not. And, who else to help you in your state of a dilemma than your dad? After getting hitched, you’ll miss getting dressed up and not having him give his opinion then and there.

12. How He ALWAYS Made Time For You!

Fathers are simply the best. No matter what time of the day, they will always go out of their way to make time for us and this feeling will escalate back when you’re married and you miss his constant presence.

13. After A Long Day When You Want to Share A Drink

Who can forget those long work days after which you used to come back home all drained out? On those days, how amazing it was to be able to share a drink or two with daddy dearest, and just vent out? These comforting times will be thoroughly missed post your wedding!

14. Those Fun Bickering Sessions!

Nobody can be on the same page at all times especially when it comes to daughters and dads so obviously you’ve all had those fun bickering sessions. After getting married, you’ll remember how having different opinions and having those fun conversations afterwards were so special!

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15. You’ll Miss Him The Most When You See Those Wedding Photos

The moment you’ll miss your father the most is when you see your wedding photos and reminisce about the happy wedding times. Those photos will bring out so many emotions from inside you that you’d just want to give him a tight hug then!

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What other things do you miss doing with your dad? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Father's Day Special: 15 Things Every Bride Will Miss Doing With Her Dad After Getting Married

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Father's Day Special: 15 Things Every Bride Will Miss Doing With Her Dad After Getting Married