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We know we’re always harping on about the new, uber-cool trendy things you could do to set your wedding a class apart from the others. And while the idea of ‘new’ gets us jumping up and down in our seats too, we will always have a mushy, soft spot for the ‘old’. We decided to revisit this particular antique tradition, native to mostly Christian weddings but count on us to shake things up a little bit so it can fit yours too!

A very popular piece of advice to the bride; are the 4 ‘somethings’ she should have on herself on the day of her wedding. These little tokens are usually given to her by her loved ones to symbolise good fortune and luck in her newly wedded life. It goes like this:

“Something Olde,
Something New,
Something Borrowed,
Something Blue,
And a sixpence (coin) in her shoe!”

(We took the liberty to omit the last detail; for your optimal comfort, of course)
And also took the liberty to come up with a tailor-made version of the ‘somethings’ to suit Indian weddings as well. Each of these has a symbolic value of their own. Here’s a compilation of small trinkets and family heirlooms you could personalise and style your bridal getup with, whilst also adding tremendous sentimental value to it.

Something Old  

To signify continuity and progression. A bride could opt for her grandmother’s gold kangans and kadas to add to her set of choodas. She could also opt for an old family heirloom such as payal, pearl necklaces or earrings or even an heirloom mangalsutra! These timeless pieces will make an excellent addition to your attire, but not just ornamentally but also in spirit. Not to mention you’ll be saving a tonne! Your “Something old” doesn’t need to be ancient! It can even be your favourite ring given to you by your parents or even your fiance!

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Something New

To show your optimism for new beginnings! A Bride is always covered head to toe in all things shiny and new on her D-day. So the most obvious go-to would be an all-new Bridal trousseau–the one lehnga you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl. It needn't be a childhood favourite, it could even be the unconventional bridal lehnga you spotted last minute! No matter how hard to find, procure or alter, it’s the perfect gift from daddy to his little girl on her big day.

Something Borrowed

From couples that we're lucky in their married life, hoping that some of the good luck rubs off! For most of us, we started believing in true love when we saw how perfectly well our parents make it work together. So this is the perfect chance to wear your mother’s classic red veil from her shaadi ka joda or just give her bridal lehenga a spin of your own. If you’d want to opt for a beige veil or one with heavy embroidery work, you can always borrow your sister’s or your best friend’s! And it could be a great opportunity to borrow their designer heels you’ve been eyeing them forever. It’s not like she’s going to say no to the bride! You could also even borrow your mother's nath to truly give you a grand, olde-worlde sort of vibe!

Something Blue

This is quite literally just an ornament of the colour blue that embodies and signifies love, purity and fidelity. Your choice of Something Blue could be anything as small as a sapphire ring to a full bloom powder blue lehenga!  But if you want to go with something simpler, you could for a classic Tiffany charm bracelet or a pendant necklace. Blue is the perfect pop of colour, it’s symbolism for love and serenity add a thoughtful yet elegant touch to your ensemble.


Which element are you picking for your wedding? Share your views in the comments section!

The Four Somethings that are sure to Bring you All the Luck at your Wedding!

by Manavi Chauhan

The Four Somethings that are sure to Bring you All the Luck at your Wedding!