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Every time we think that a new decor trend cannot possibly emerge, wedding decorators and wedding planners come up with something new and surprise us. This time, it's a fresh take on a classic element — floral decor. Introducing suspended floral decor which is taking the wedding industry by storm and how. The suspended floral decor is arranging flowers in a manner where they are falling from the ceiling. From using this trend to amp up the mandap to implementing it on top of the seating, scroll below to see how you can make use of this trend at your upcoming wedding!

Here’s How You Can Use Suspended Floral Decor At Your Wedding

1. Best Suspended Floral Decor Ideas Above The Seating Area

Whether you want to amp up your seating area at the wedding functions or that of your guests, the suspended floral decor is the way to go. Not only will it create a delicate garden vibe but will smell simply divine!

Scroll below and see how you can add these latest suspended floral decor to your wedding functions.

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

2. Or, How About Including The Suspended Florals On Your Dreamy Mandap?! 

We’ve said a plethora of times that the most meaningful decor will be the one that’s done on your mandap. And, well florals are always a favourite when we talk about mandaps. But, if you want to do things a tad differently, we recommend going with the trending suspended floral decor. Ladies, mark our words that your mandap decor will be one of a kind and on the plus point, you’ll get fabulous pictures!

Source Mohna & Co

3. Include These Unique Suspended Floral Decor Options Here & There

Another great way to incorporate suspended floral decor is by implementing it in unique places at your wedding venue. Some of the best places for this kind of decor can be on trees, entrances and even above your wedding bar!

Scroll below and check out how some couples implemented this decor at their real weddings.

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#NewTrend: Suspended Floral Décor Ideas For This Wedding Season!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

#NewTrend: Suspended Floral Décor Ideas For This Wedding Season!