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Summer weddings are a dreamy affair with warm weather, refreshing food and beverage options, vibrant flowers and whatnot. But, choosing the right colours and prints that can set the tone and create a memorable ambience for your big day is crucial. That’s why today we are highlighting some of our favourite colours and prints that are perfect for your upcoming summer wedding. 

Ultimate Summer Wedding Colours and Prints for the Decor

Bold & Bright Hues Everywhere

Embrace the vibrant energy of summer by incorporating bright and bold colours in the form of flowers, drapes, bars, and whatnot. Not only will it add a playful touch to your wedding decor but it will also be quite refreshing.

Classic Floral Prints

Flowers are a quintessential part of weddings, especially the ones that take place in Summer. Inspire your entire colours scheme by choosing a variety of flowers in different hues and create a beautiful floral backdrop for your wedding day or reception function.

Indianise Your Decor by Going with Desi Quirky Prints

Ladies, the one decor element you can go with for your upcoming wedding functions is desi quirky prints. These prints are not only out of the box but so vibrant and fun that you can not have them as part of your wedding decor. Scroll below and bookmark the ones you like!

Muted Tones for a Sophisticated Affair

Muted tones such as pristine white, eggshell yellow and candy pink are a timeless choice for summer weddings, evoking a sense of elegance and romance at the same time. These delicate colours create a calming and soothing atmosphere, perfect for your day's wedding ceremony.

Pastel Pink Is Trending & How!

Ladies, if you’re looking for a trendy colour, good enough to make a statement yet soft enough for a touch of understated beauty, we recommend going with pastel pink hues for your wedding decor. Incorporate this colour as chair covers, drapes or organza flowers to amp up your wedding decor.

It Was All Yellow

No colour gives a summerish vibe more than yellow does. Yellow is a versatile colour; one that can be used in almost every decor element.  Enhance the atmosphere with sunflowers, yellow cushions and yellow drapes for a memorable bright-hued celebration.


Which is your favourite colour or print for your upcoming summer wedding? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Summer Wedding Colours and Prints to Include in Your Wedding Decor

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Summer Wedding Colours and Prints to Include in Your Wedding Decor