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Source: Monika Makeup and HairSafarsaga Films

Summer weddings are all fun and games until the bride steps out and her makeup starts melting. And, considering the heatwave and the temperature situation in India right now, having a dewy makeup that stays intact till the dawn is crucial. So, don’t worry all you summer brides cuz we’re here with the ultimate makeup tips and hacks which will come in so handy that you will be thanking us later. 

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Ultimate Summer Makeup Tips & Hacks

1. Airbrush Makeup Over Regular Makeup

Ladies, this is a conversation you need to have with your makeup artist. Airbrush makeup is lighter, waterproof, and will last for a pretty long time without making your face look “cakey.” This way you can stay as far away as possible from creamy makeup bases and heavy makeup formulas!

2. “Less is More” Should Be Your Mantra

While we all dream of going all out at our wedding, the same cannot be said for the makeup. As much makeup as you’ll get put on your big day will result in an over sweaty and oily face. Go with subtle makeup which will look stupendous on you and help you look your natural self!

3. Measure The Amount of Highlighter You’re Getting Put

Let’s face it that our skins automatically generate oil in summer making them shinier than usual. If you get a ton of highlighter put, chances are your face will end up looking oily.

Pro tip: stay away from this makeup product during the humidity!

4. Mattifying Primer for the Win

The major issue with summers is simply the oil that accumulates on the face thanks to all that sweating. But, one magic product that can help tone down the shine is a matte primer which should be the last product you apply to your face. Matte primers help in toning down the shine and enhancing your normal skin!

5. Opt for the False Lashes

Yes, we’re serious ladies. Fake lashes are a great hack to make the overall look much more formal without applying a ton of makeup on your face. Within a second your face will get decked up and you won’t even feel hot or sweaty!

So, keep em’ lashes close ;)

6. Drink Up As Much As You Can

At the end of the day, our body is 70-75 per cent water so it only makes sense to grab a water bottle after every few minutes and hydrate yourself. Trust us, you’ll be shocked by the result!

7. Blot Paper Should be Your BFF

Blot paper is the most useful makeup item that one can own. Before the bridal makeup artists start applying makeup, make sure you use blot paper to extract all the extra face oil. Anyway, your face will be creating more natural oil so why not drain the excess one with this paper?


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Best Summer Makeup Tips & Hacks for 2022 Brides!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Best Summer Makeup Tips & Hacks for 2022 Brides!