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Radiating in her alluring charm of being a newlywed bride is overwhelming and delightful for every woman out there. Not to forget how their initial days of the marital bliss is what women are super excited and anticipate the most. We know how you women love frolicking about shining in your post bridal glow and especially when it comes to family weddings, dinner parties and social gatherings that you as a newlywed bride would be expected to attend. And that being said, those are the times when you got to be at your stylish best looking like a billion bucks.

If you're a bride-to-be or a newlywed bride then you're in for a ride. We've put up this basic guide with trending styling tips for newlywed brides to aid them in dolling up for those parties and family gatherings aptly. These are the simplest of styling tips that you should take note of and dress up accordingly suiting your likes. So go ahead and start taking notes.

Basic Yet Trending Styling Tips for Newlywed Brides

1. Repeating your wedding outfits

Don't let your wedding outfits go to waste and instead use them up for the various family functions and gatherings that you've got to attend. Wearing your mehndi lehenga or your reception gown would be a great idea to re-wear your purchase while you still can as a newlywed bride. If at all those outfits of yours are too heavy then choosing to go subtle on your jewellery and makeup would simple it down further.

2. Avoid being too decked up every time

Of course, as a newlywed bride you'd be expected to be all decked up every time you show up at some family affair but, we believe that this cliche way of styling should be put under the rug. Instead, what matters is that you put your best fashion foot forward while your new bridal charm further accentuates it. Of course, if you prefer to go all extra and pull it off then there isn't anybody stopping you. But, for those newlywed brides who dread decking up, you can choose minimalism while not losing out on your bridal aura. While dressing up try balancing out your look by going minimal on a few aspects. As they say in this millennial era "less is more" it is absolutely okay to not laden yourself and instead go easy-peasy. Sometimes even slipping into simplistic suits or a decent dress does the magic.

3. Reuse your bridal lehenga for close family weddings

Before your bridal lehenga makes it into your trunk once and for all, we suggest that you somehow reuse that lehenga at least once. Now, we all have come across newly married women wearing their bridal lehengas to weddings in their family. If you don't want to wear your entire ensemble as it is, then maybe have a new blouse stitched for your lehenga skirt or have a new skirt made for your blouse while you pair them up with a lighter dupatta?! You can also, style your lehenga with jackets or capes to add a more casual and western look to it.

4. Makeup Tips

Ladies, minimal bridal makeup is already a fad that's taken over the bridal look scene and so is it for you newlywed brides as well. You don't necessarily have to show up in bright and bold makeup. Opting for dewy & naturally flushed look or nude lips or balancing out the shimmer on your eyes with pale lips are some of the trending "newlywed brides styling tips" that are being highly loved.

5. Hairstyles

Now, of course, a good hairstyle completes the entire look just like a cherry on top but, opting for huge hairdos even for the smallest of gatherings would be a bit too much. Sometimes, just a good blow dryer or a few loose beachy waves are a perfect touch to your look and going extra with heavily decked up hairstyles might just drop down your charm a notch below. If at all you want to go for a chic hairdo then try opting for messy buns, or minimally adorned buns with bun accessories or a flower or two. Unique braids or differently done open hairstyles would work too. You can also, have some basic hairstyling products in your trousseau like blow dryers and curling irons or straighteners so that you can do the basic hairstyles for smaller functions on your own.

6. Jewellery and Accessories

Just like your hairstyles, how you accessorize your outfits also makes or breaks your look. Basically, if your outfit is heavy then team it up with less jewellery or you can even skip out on a piece or two. On the other hand, if your outfit is way too simple then pair it up with some statement jewellery or accessory to amp up your look. Knowing how to pair up your baubles with your outfits makes up for an essential styling tip for the newlywed bride, in fact, for every woman whatsoever. Also, don't forget to have some dainty wearable pieces in your trousseau for those family dinners and parties to keep it simple yet stylish.

7. Pulling off ethnicity of a bride with modernism

This newlywed bride styling tip refers to pairing up the quintessential aspects of a married woman–the sindoor, the mangalsutra and the chooda with westerns. While there are women who don't mind skipping out on these elements when dolling up in western attires, there also are women, who just don't want to miss out on these. Well, first things first, there's no rule to what is right amidst these two as it's all about personal choices. Secondly, you can pull off these married woman indicators with western outfits with sheer grace and elegance. Believe us, a newlywed bride drenched in her contemporaries looks absolutely breathtaking.


Let us know if there are some tips that we missed out now!

7 Easy Styling Tips for Newlywed Brides to Doll up for Family Events

by Divya Arora

7 Easy Styling Tips for Newlywed Brides to Doll up for Family Events