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A wedding can bring a lot of hassles, right? From deciding the right colour of your bridal lehenga to the shade of your lip colour, being a bride is really hectic. In recent years, we saw many changing makeup trends and we were introduced to the airbrushed technique & HD makeup hat can make a bride prettier for her nuptial ceremonies & wedding day! 

Brides! Let's be honest. Hiring a makeup artist for every function can be really heavy for your pocket and that's why we have seen many brides doing their own makeup for pre and post-wedding ceremonies but tend to miss out a step or two that doesn't give the results they wanted. So, whether it's your engagement ceremony, mehendi, haldi or small pooja functions we got you easy-peasy simple makeup tutorials with its breakdown that you can try & apply on your own. From setting your makeup base to getting the perfect lip colour, here are the 10 bridal makeup steps that you must bookmark for your pre and post wedding ceremonies. So, without further ado, let’s get started, girl!

Makeup Routine For Pre & Post Wedding Ceremonies


Daily CTM Routine

  • C: Cleansing
  • T: Toning
  • M: Moisturiser

CTM routine is the basic step towards a healthy skin. Start following these simple three steps of CTM to keep your skin clean and hydrated. For instant results, ensure to follow this routine twice a day and a get a clear glass skin effect before your nuptial ceremonies. 


Start From The Base

Once you get a glowy skin with a CTM routine it's really important to set a perfect base before applying your bridal makeup. If your base is not smooth and toned, the makeup won't stay long and that's why don't forget to apply a primer before the foundation to make the makeup stay for a longer period. Check out how this popular influencer Malvika Sitlani got a perfect base for the wedding function that is super-easy for the brides-to-be! 


Contouring For The Edges

Next up is Contouring that plays an important role when it comes to defining the cheekbones, nose and jaw line. With the help of contouring and highlighting, you can make your cheeks look sharp and on point just like the famous blogger stylefashionetc!


Filling Your Eyebrows 

Just like our eyes, our eyebrows are something that we must take a note on it! Once, you're done with your CTM routine, makeup base & contouring it is really important to fill the eyebrows patiently because one little mistake can ruin your whole makeup so, without further ado check this video about how to fill your eyebrows perfectly. 


Applying Eyeshadow

Glam up your look with hints of eyeshadow. Try this eyeshadow tutorial as it is very easy and glamorous + it is a subtle eye makeup, which you can incorporate in your functions without spending a bomb on it! 


Perfect Winged Eyeliner For Your Pretty Eyes!

There are different styles of eyeliner, which you can try for your wedding functions. But what we love the most is a winged eyeliner. If you are not so confident on doing the winged eyeliner, you can try this stamp liner, which is easy to use in just 5-7 mins and it will go perfect with your wedding gown, lehenga or even a saree in that case! 


How To Make Your Lips Fuller?

If you have thin lips, you should definitely try this trick. Here, are the steps to make your lips look fuller + get a perfect lip shape for your sangeet, mehendi and haldi functions! 


Blush On = Blush You! 

This step is the most fun part of any makeup and we got you a blush-on that makes every girl pretty for any occasion. And, if you're getting married soon, then bookmark this step cos it will come very handy when you'll have to do those quick touch-ups in the middle of your sangeet performances! 




Ah! I am sure that you must have not even given a thought of this step. Creating an illusion of a glowy or shiny skin effect this last step of your makeup is as important as the first one. Pick a stunning silver, golden or a bronze highlighter and get a shiny face for your engagement, sangeet, cocktail, mehendi, haldi, and even for your reception party! 


Full wedding makeup look 

Now that's what we call a perfect step-by-step makeup routine for the brides-to-be! If you missed out any bridal makeup step, then don't miss to check this simple & very easy full makeup wedding makeup by Ankita who is also a well-known blogger of corallista blog!


Which is your favourite part of the makeup? Share your makeup hacks, tricks & tips with us! 

Step-By-Step: Makeup Tutorials For Pre & Post Wedding Ceremonies

by Rashmi Jayara

Step-By-Step: Makeup Tutorials For Pre & Post Wedding Ceremonies