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So, the invitation cards are printed, your wedding shopping is almost done and the big day is nearing. You must be thrilled in the best way possible. It is about time to send the official wedding invite to your near and dear ones. What have you planned? We know that you want to do something extra special for them instead of just sending them your wedding invitation card. Those friends turned family and those relative who are far from the stereotypes deserve a little extra tender love and care which is why wedding invite hampers exist.

Scroll down to know all about how you can make a special wedding invite hampers for your near and dear ones!

Wedding Invite Hamper Essentials

1. Your Wedding Invitation Card

Of course, your wedding invitation card needs to go first in your wedding invite hamper. It is the most important element, after all. If you want, you can add a personal touch to your wedding invition card that you send to your near and dear ones by adding a ribbon over it. Another cute thing you can do with your wedding invitation hamper is add a small sealed envelope full of glitter along with the invitation card which opens to suprise your loved ones and make them giggle. 

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2. A Box Of Sweets

It goes without saying that all good news must be celebrated with something sweet. So, you cannot miss on adding a box of sweets to your wedding invite hamper. It can be any type of sweet under the sun from Mithai to chocolates and from donuts to cookies. You can also add different types of sweets to different hampers depending on what the person recieving the hamper likes. 

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3. A Bowl Of Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are an inseparable part of Indian wedding invite hampers. They are healthy and delicious at the same time. Plus, it is also considered auspicious to send dry fruits to your loved ones as you invite them to your big day!

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4. A Bottle Of Wine

Just like sweets, alcohol makes happy time even happier and pairs greatly with good news like you getting married! So, don't hold back and make sure to add a delicious bottle of wine or champagne to your wedding invite hamper. 

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5. A Bag Of Snacks

Now that you are sending a bottle of alcohol in your wedding invitation hamper, it's a good idea to add a bag of snacks with it. After all, your loved ones might like to munch on some scrumptious snacks as they drink to rejoice your happy news!

Source Beau-coup

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6. A Personalized Gift Item

For the final touches, you can add a nice personalized gift item to your wedding invite hamper. It could be something like a small lamp or coasters. Make sure to select a gift item which your loved ones can actually use. This will ensure a well-rounded wedding invite hamper which is full of things that your loved ones are going to love and use. 

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Special Wedding Invite Hamper Essentials For Your Near & Dear Ones!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Special Wedding Invite Hamper Essentials For Your Near & Dear Ones!