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Mangalsutra, Thaali, Thirumangalyam, Mangalyam, or Minnu. These are the many names of the sacred jewellery that the groom ties around the bride's neck as the couple solemnises their wedding in the Hindu wedding ceremony. The ritual where the groom graces the bride's neck with the Mangalsutra is both, emotional and beautiful. On that note, let's go over some South Indian Mangalyam portraits that are sure to get your happy tears rolling!

South Indian Mangalyam Portraits

Mangalsutra is made of two words, Mangal and Sutra where the former means auspicious and the latter means thread. So, the Mangalsutra literally means an auspicious thread that the bride wears for the well being of herself and her husband and for a happy married life. It is a celebrated piece of bridal jewellery that is worn across almost all parts of India, from the North to the South. In South Indian weddings, the Mangalsutra is called Thaali, Thirumangalyam, Mangalyam, or Minnu.

1. You can see the gratitude on this bride's face during her Mangalsutra ceremony!

2. How heartwarming is this bride's pretty smile!

3. Now that's what you call the perfect Mangalsutra ceremony shot!

4. This touching picture depicts the emotional side of the Mangalsutra ceremony!

5. We love this smiley couple picture showing that beautiful Mangalyam!

6. This bride joining her hands during her Mangalyam ritual has won us over!

7. This Mangalsutra ceremony portrait showing the happy groom is a gem!

8. This bride is exuding grace during her Mangalyam ritual!

9. We love seeing a Mangalsutra ceremony picture with flower shower!

10. This LGBTQIA+ wedding with one bride tying the Mangalsutra on the other bride is so precious!

Source K.arrayed

11. This side profile Mangalyam ritual picture is too cute!

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12. This is one of those pictures that prove that the Mangalyam ritual is the sweetest!

Source Ashokarsh

13. We are mesmerized by this Mangalsutra cermony portrait!

14. How lovely is this simple Mangalsutra!

15. Nayanthara's Mangalyam ritual portrait is so heart touching!

16. We love that Mangalsutra ceremony smile on the bride's face!

17. The Mangalyam ritual is truly cherish worthy!

18. We told you, the Mangalsutra ceremony is full of beautiful emotions!

19. It is the simplicity of South Indian Mangalsutra that makes it so beautiful!

20. This bride's smile with her eyes closed shows how blessed she feels during her Mangalyam ritual!

21. We know you enjoy these Mangalsutra ceremony pictures as much as we do!

22. This glowing bride's smile tells you all you need to know about the sacred Mangalyam ritual!

23. This bride's pretty smile tells you all about how special the Mangalsutra ritual feels!

24. We just cannot have enough of this sacred Mangalyam ritual!

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South Indian Mangalyam Portraits That Will Get Your Happy Tears Rolling!

by Pratiksha Pandey

South Indian Mangalyam Portraits That Will Get Your Happy Tears Rolling!