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Gone are the days when only brides used to put effort into finalizing their wedding day. Today, grooms take their wedding day outfit just as seriously as brides and we love to see it! Lately, we have been coming across pictures of South Indian grooms on Instagram who simply won us over with their elegant wedding outfits. South Indian wedding outfits are teeming with grace and tradition and we just can't get enough of it.

So, here is some fresh and fabulous South Indian groom outfit inspiration for you!

Best South Indian Groom Outfits

Mundu or Pancha with Pattu Kurta & Angvastram For Grooms-to-be

South Indian grooms are often seen flaunting their traditional groom attire which is a dhoti with a silk kurta and a stole. The dhoti is known as mundu or pancha, the silk kurta is known as pattu kurta or pattu vastra and the stole is known as angvastram or kanduva in different parts of South India. Some South Indian grooms prefer to go all traditional wearing just the mudu or pancha with an angvastram while others also like to include a pattu kurta with their mudu/pancha/angvastram or kanduva.


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Sherwani Designs For South Indian Grooms

Sherwani is the most popular and commonly worn groom outfit across the country. It looks quite royal and comes in many different colours and designs. South Indian grooms often pair a Banarasi stole with their sherwani and we love how they do it because it elevates their look. Nowadays, it is also quite common for South Indian grooms to colour-coordinate their wedding outfits with their partners and we support that idea one hundred per cent!

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Black Suit Ideas For South Grooms 

A classic black suit is a much-loved outfit of choice among the grooms of South India. It looks formal and sophisticated. A black suit is sure to make you look classy. However, don't feel like you have to go all plain and simple if you are wearing a black suit on your big day. You can take your black suit up a notch by adding accessories or by getting an embroidered or embellished black suit in the first place. 

Source KIM Hassan

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Dapper Kurta Pyjamas For Grooms of South 

Kurta Pyjama is one of the most cute and comfortable groom outfits to have ever existed and the grooms of South India love to wear it just as much as North Indian grooms do. Kurta Pyjama allows you to breathe and make movements easily since it is not very form-fitting and tight. Kurta pyjamas are often worn by South Indian grooms during pre-wedding functions like Pellikuthuru and Vratham. 

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Handsome South Indian Groom Outfits That Simply Won Us Over!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Handsome South Indian Groom Outfits That Simply Won Us Over!