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The nath or the nose ring is an essential part of all the jewellery that graces a South Indian bride on her big day. It brings a royal charm to the bride's face which adds to her radiant glow. Of course, there are different types of naths that South Indian brides get to choose from and the most common categories are gold and diamond. Are you looking for a South Indian bridal nath design for your big day?

Let these lovely South Indian brides help you with the design inspo!

Top South Indian Bridal Naths

Gold South Indian Bridal Naths

South Indian women love their gold especially when it comes to temple jewellery. You can see South Indian women wearing the most beautiful gold jewellery on their wedding day and on day-to-day day basis. Well, this explains the popularity of South Indian bridal gold naths. These usuallyally small in shape and are often adorned with pearl embellishments. Gold naths add a warm glow to the bride's face. 

Source FotoNirvana

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Diamond South Indian Bridal Naths

Diamond nath is gaining popularity all across India and South Indian brides are wearing the most intricate diamond bridal naths we have seen. South Indian bridal diamond naths are usually simple rings with all-over diamond embellishments. Brides also love to pair these diamond naths with a pretty chain that not only helps support the weight of the nath but also elevates the bridal look. 

Source taj studio

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25+ South Indian Bridal Naths: All About Tradition & Elegance!

by Pratiksha Pandey

25+ South Indian Bridal Naths: All About Tradition & Elegance!