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Decor from Zubin & Aashna's Poolside Drunch

Where do all the Uncles, Aunties, Dulhe-ke-dost, Dulhan-ki-behene look upon in a wedding? Obviously, it’s the Bar which says,” Mujhe BAR-BAR DEKHO”.

Making sure that your guests are comfortable and enjoying? Well! Alcohol manages both. Getting talli and dancing to the tunes of all those peppy songs, asking DJ Wala for playing your favourite songs back to back, with all those fun conversations to build up, it’s BAR-ATTACK time!

You secretly know that the bar is the only energy builder for your guests to rock your cocktail/sangeet night. Because most of your guests will be having their hearts at the bars, make sure they have their eyes. Great decor is everything to build up with, it needn't be grand or expensive, but just doing the job of bringing the feels. 

Check out some new decor ideas for the bar at weddings:

1. Incorporate HashTags

Leave the initials it’s time to break the name with your beloved name and get your hashtag game on point!

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2. For Sufi lovers

How ironic is the fact that Sufi music goes perfectly with alcohol!

Sufi music with not-so-Sufi Drinks

Source F5weddings

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3. Shack style bar for a beachy wedding

Walking bare feet with those beachy waves holding a wine glass in one hand and your bae's hand in another, just what you needed!

Source F5 Weddings

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4. Pitcher-Perfect theme

Crazy it might sound to have those Pitchers filled with Ice-Tea and lemonade but how cool the theme looks

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5. With Desi Dialogue pick-up lines

We might forget what the movie was about but always remember the classic dialogues coz why not???

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Sharab di gaddi, literally!

Source Plush Affairs

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6. This Glass theme based bar decor looks so Classy!

How hard is it to get the bar set on transparent glasses? This is surely mesmerizing!

Source Pink Palki

Decor from Sahil & Dipika's Reception

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Decor from Zubin & Aashna's Sangeet

7. Tassels everywhere for the boho vibes

Tassels are becoming part of any and everything. Check out this tassel based bar-decor

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8. Match your vibe with that Masquerade theme based bar

Always heard of those fancy mask party but having masquerade bar decor was an add-on and we’re falling for it over and over again. 

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Decor from Zubin & Aashna's Masquerade Ball

Do let us know which Bar-Decor idea inspired you the most, in the comment section below!

Some Inspiration to Up the Bar Decor Game for your Wedding!

by Shivani Malhotra

Some Inspiration to Up the Bar Decor Game for your Wedding!