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Approximately 10 million weddings took place in India in 2023, and we witnessed a few of the many on social media. It would be safe to say that 2023 was an incredible year when it came to weddings. We saw everything from splendid grandeur to elegant minimalism. Amidst a healthy mix of different wedding aesthetics, emerged a plethora of wedding trends and we got to see an abundance of them.

Read along to know 2023's best wedding trends that took over our social media feeds this year!

2023's Popular Wedding Trends 

Pastel Pink & Ivory Lehengas

2023 saw a big rise in pristine light-hued lehengas. Alia Bhatt and Kiara Advani set the trend for pastel pink and ivory bridal outfits. It was a delight to witness all the pretty brides rocking their pastel pink and ivory lehengas. 

Fresh White Floral Decor

Fresh white floral decor set a rejuvenating theme for weddings in 2023. Fragrant white flowers like roses, mogras and rajnigandhas were paired with lush green vines to give the 2023 weddings a dreamy vibe. 

Customized Kaleere

Customized Kaleere were all the rage amongst brides in 2023. It was adorable how brides personalized their big day look using elements that were close to their hearts. 

Personalized Wedding Vows 

Personalized wedding vows right before the jaimala has got to be one of the cutest additions that we saw in weddings in 2023. It allowed the wedding guests to witness the beautiful chemistry between the bride and the groom. 

Thumb Print Guest Book

Thumbprint guest books were an adorable part of 2023 weddings. It not only gave the newly married couples a souvenir from their big day but also was a fun and engaging activity for the guests. 

Groom Name On Bridal Veil

Brides of 2023 incorporated their grooms in their bridal look and it was a heartwarming gesture. We loved watching brides make their grand entry wearing a veil with their grooms' name embroidered on it. 

Live Wedding Painting

Live wedding painting made its way to Indian weddings in 2023. We have to admit that it is a brilliant way to capture your big day as it takes place!

Soft Glam Bridal Makeup

Soft glam bridal makeup was big in 2023. We saw brides rocking a fresh base with blushed cheeks, nude lips and soft smoky eyes. We must say that the soft glam bridal makeup felt like a breath of fresh air. 

Surprise Groom Dance Performance

We had all been seeing brides dancing on their big day but 2023 showed us that grooms have got some moves too! Surprise groom dance performances were fun to watch and we would love to see more of them!

Personalized Wedding Sunglasses

Sunglasses with the bride and groom initials and the wedding date gained popularity in 2023. We saw many reels with the couples and their wedding guests wearing personalized wedding sunglasses. 

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Rainbow Sky Shots

Rainbow sky shots were a part of most of the big fat Indian weddings. These colorful grand elements were extremely loved by couples who wanted an opulent celebration of their big day. 

Emerald & Diamond Bridal Jewellery

Kiara wore emerald and diamond bridal jewellery on her big day and inspired all the 2023 brides. We saw an abundance of diamond and emerald necklaces and earrings being rocked by the stunning 2023 brides. 

Coordinated Guest Outfits

Coordinated guest outfits were undoubtedly one of the most eye-pleasing 2023 wedding trends. Couples send their wardrobe wedding planners along with their wedding invites and that's how the magic happens!

Live Lipstick/Perfume Making Counters

2023 weddings catered to the enjoyment of wedding guests by incorporating engaging activities like live lipstick and perfume-making bars. Wedding guests got to create their personalized items and take them home as a wedding favour. 

Open Bridal Hairstyle

Brides of 2023 rocked open hairstyles and we were mesmerized by them. It added to their elegant bridal charm while ensuring they felt comfortable and free. 

Passport Wedding Invites

Passport wedding invites created a lot of buzz in 2023. They brought a fresh and fun concept to the world of wedding invites. We love how cute passport wedding invites are for destination weddings. 

Multicolor Bridal Lehenga

Even though the brides of 2023 chose pastel pink and ivory lehengas for their big day, they went with a vibrant multicoloured lehenga for their pre-wedding functions and looked oh-so-beautiful in it!

Cute Mehendi Favors

Mehendi favours took a cute turn in 2023 weddings and had the prettiest gifts for the wedding guests. From colourful bangles to seashell rings, we adored the lovely mehendi favours we saw in 2023. 

Preserving Varmala

Preserving the varmala was a heartfelt trend that gathered a lot of love and praise from newlyweds in 2023. Couples got their wedding jaimalas preserved forever with their wedding picture in a frame using resin art. 

Floral Bridal Braid With Paranda

As much as some brides flaunted their open silky hair on their big day, others went with a gorgeous floral braid with a parandi. They all looked perfectly fabulous. 

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Taking The Internet By A Storm: 2023's Social Media Wedding Trends That Went Viral!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Taking The Internet By A Storm: 2023's Social Media Wedding Trends That Went Viral!