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Just got engaged? Congratulations!

It's understandable that you want to shout from the top of the roof and tell the whole world about this big news. Sure, your friends and relative will be happy and thankful that you want them to be a part of this special event by sharing news on social media. But, there is a fine line between just sharing the news and constantly rubbing it in the face of your relatives with extraneous updates.

So, if you don’t want to be a victim of behind the back smack-talking then read on these social media etiquettes you must follow before you shout out your engagement.

#1 Price of the rock

WOW! Your husband just paid an arm and a leg for your rock? So Sweet. But, really. No one cares! In fact, it's impolite to put out an unnecessary judgement on your partner.



#2 “I Said YES!”

How octogenarian are you? This exclamation is older than my grandma, please find better words to make an announcement.


#3 Drama! Drama! Drama!

We know you are in love probably that’s why you are taking the pledge of commitment but no need to get all Shakespearean about it.


#4 Snapping Away

Of course, you are tempted to beat the drums about this HUGE moment but before you fire the good news on all your social handles, call those who deserve to hear the news straight from you. This way they wouldn’t feel hurt when your sparkler pops in their feed.


#5 Too Much Details

If you post every nitty gritty detail then there will be no surprises. Keep a little bit of mystery for your guests to look out for things. Its okay to post landmark details but really no one wants a play by play. Don’t give your guests a wedding fatigue before the event.

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Are you guilty though? Confess below in the comments!

Social Media Etiquettes To Follow After You Exchange The Rings

by Simran Keswani

Social Media Etiquettes To Follow After You Exchange The Rings