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From whimsical decor to extravagant outfits, weddings these days are as lavish as it gets. And then there's the fact that all these amazing elements that make a couple stand out from any other have to be captured in the most wonderful frames. Yes, we're talking about wedding photography. What used to be stoic couples posing on stages and guests being captured at the unfortunate moment of hogging at the chaat stall, has transitioned into more natural pictures with candid moments full of fun, frolic and laughter. 

One such trend is wedding photography and the use of smoke bombs in wedding snapshots.

Honestly, the good old wedding days were never such a OTT affair. However, couples on their big day are all about 'go big or go home'. Smoke bombs are a recent, more innovative idea, that couples and photographers have started using to add a dreamy touch to their memoirs. In fact, smoke bombs are a hot wedding trend this year and have have popped up in wedding photographs all around the world.

Colourful and exciting, smoke bombs are an exceptional way of adding a dramatic affect to your wedding snapshots. They take off in glittering clouds of colour and put on an epic display that is absolutely sublime! Not only do they add a breathtaking background to your pictures, but also makes your wedding pictures rather unconventional. To be honest, we're definitely guilty of being obsessed. 

And that's exactly why we want all couples to have pictures with colourful smoke swirling around them. But before you go about doing so, here are some pro tips on how to use smoke bomb in wedding photos.

5 Effective Ways To Use Smoke Bombs in Wedding Photos! 

1. Consider Your Location & Venue

One of the most important aspects of using such an element in your photos is thinking about the venue and it's location you choose.

  • First of, make sure your location is in an outdoor setting as indoor locations are not a great place to set off a smoke bomb as it may cause inhalation of too much smoke and causes irritation in your eyes and throat.
  • Second, ensure that you choose a venue that gives permission to use smoke bombs on their property. Smoke bombs, especially coloured ones, leave behind residue and can stain, which takes time to go away. Although the use of smoke bomb in wedding photography or videography isn't a rare request, some properties may not allow their use.

2. Don't Get Too Close

Let us be clear about one thing: smoke bombs can (and will) stain. It’s best to be careful when you’re working with them. Honestly, you don’t want your beautiful designer outfit stained with dots of vibrant (but unwanted) colours that may or may not come off.  There is also the concern of smoke bomb’s causing irritation if inhaled by mistake. So, the most effective way to use smoke bomb in wedding photography is to have this effect swirling behind you in the backdrop. And if you want a picture holding the smoke grenade, then make sure it isn’t too close to your face or clothes.

3. Check The Weather Condition 

Our advice is pretty straightforward here - check the weather before you get a smoke bomb picture clicked. Setting off a smoke bomb on a dry and humid day can be dangerous. Similarly, it’s useless to use a smoke bomb on a rainy (or slightly rainy) day. We suggest that you use cool burn, flameless smoke bombs instead. Also, take into account the speed and direction of the wind. After all, you don’t want coloured smoke blowing all over your face, covering it in every photo!

4. Speak To Your Photographer Well in Advance!

Before you decide to use coloured smoke bombs in your photos, talk to your photographer. Make sure that they’re on board with the idea. The thing is, taking pictures with smoke bombs requires special skills and equipment as well. After all, the lighting and shutter speed needs to be adjusted since smoke bombs last only 45-90 seconds! Let your photographers know beforehand of your idea so that they’re ready with all their camera arrangements and you can go for a pre-wedding photoshoot or a beautiful wedding shoot with these smoke bombs! 

Source mihaitrofin

5. Go Big, Go Bold With Colour Bombs!

Like we said before, ‘Go big or go home’. While the basic and minimal white and grey smoke bombs are nice, nothing beats the effect created by vivid and bold colours. You can choose colours that match with your wedding theme or something that contrasts with your decor and outfits. The point of using colourful smoke bombs is that they look spectacular, and the rippling effect they cast is captivating and charming. Go vibrant pinks, blues and greens! Add an extra splash of joy with yellows, oranges or even peaches!

Source ron soliman

Source mihaitrofin


Well, with pretty clouds in every possible colour, smoke bombs are truly a trend we're digging. They add an ethereal quality to wedding pictures that nothing can compete with (even fireworks!) So, whether you use them to produce spellbinding pre-wedding pictures or dazzling D-Day snapshots, there's no denying they're a great way to celebrate your wedding! 

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So, are you ready to use these colourful smoke bombs at your wedding? 

#5 Pro Tips on How To Use Smoke Bombs in Your Wedding Photos!

by Shivani Singh

#5 Pro Tips on How To Use Smoke Bombs in Your Wedding Photos!