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Long gone are the days when sleeves were just an extension of the blouse or meant merely to cover one’s bare arms. Sleeves today are a style statement of their own and often the perfect contrasting element to a blouse. It is often said that “it’s all in the details” and we couldn’t agree more. The look of the sleeves can completely transform the style quotient of a blouse, they can be extravagantly ruffled or full of feathers or even intricately embroidered and finished off with a gotta patti.

We came across some fascinating sleeves to accentuate and flatter every bride’s arms as an evergreen accessory. You’re not gonna want to go sleeveless this wedding season!

Sleeve Designs for all Wedding Dresses

Dramatic Fabric Play

Whether they're exaggerated balloon sleeves, layered bell sleeves or gathered dropping shoulders, play around with the fabric itself to oomp up your outfit. This will surely set it apart from your ordinary sleeve design.


Fringe blouses can always be an ‘in’ thing, it’s quite literally there in the word (fr-IN-ge). Fringes that curtain your shoulders and sway as you move to look ultra-chic and at the same time give your blouse that fun element it needed. Fringe blouses are mostly beaded but brides can also go for a silk threaded fringe to give it a little stiffness and to ensure it’s not all over the place!

Faux feathers

Faux feathers make a lovely bottom lining of a lehenga or a cape, but it also makes an elegant choice once used for the sleeves. Faux feathers and fur highlight the extravagance of a blouse and add to its pomp and flair. Feathers are an iconic touch graced upon us by designers like Manish Malhotra and Falguni and Shane Peacock, who have made it a big part of their bridal collections.

Source Pink Trunkk

(FEATHERS) Feathers

We know juuust mentioned feathers but we’re going to do a little cheating and bring it back. These (very real) looking feathers differ from the fur and feather look as they are purely feathers and usually dangle downwards from the sleeves of the blouse. Dark feathers are the best for this kind of look!

Source Shahid Naar

Source Shahid Naar

Rhinestones or Chunky Beads

This was one we absolutely we just absolutely adored! These peach and cream tinted rhinestone sewed together to make a sleeve is a super unique sleeve idea. It adds the element of a subtle sparkle without overdoing it at all. These sleeves are best left as cap sleeves to get that ‘less is more’ look.

Source Shahid Naar

Netted Sleeves

The best, most classic option for full sleeve blouses. A simple pairing of net and embellishment is one fail-safe that never gets old no matter if it is paired with an Anarkali, a saree or even a gown. Netted sleeves made the arms look delicate and slender and are the perfect base to add on more!

Mirror Work

One of the oldest designs that come to mind are the ones with glimmering mirror embellishments. Mirror work embellished sleeves have been around from our mother's and maybe even grandmother's time! It's just the right mix of traditional and fashionable and goes with just about any colour and pattern of embroidery.

Dainty Embellishments

While the chunky details are sure to grab a lot of eyeballs, the dainty ones will add the needed delicacy to your otherwise bold bridal outfit.

3D Embellishments

We saved the best one for last! So agreeably they’re not only embellished sleeves, it’s an embellished blouse BUT it’s the mother of embellishments, wouldn't you agree? This blouse is a whirlwind of metallic specks and it’s the perfect choice for a bride with a bold, experimental sense of style. It caught our eye instantly because of all its 3D elements!

Source Shahid Naar


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Dramatic & Embellished Sleeve Designs For All Your Bridal Outfits

by Manavi Chauhan

Dramatic & Embellished Sleeve Designs For All Your Bridal Outfits