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The wedding day isn’t only the bride’s time to shine. It’s also for her bridesmaids, that has been a crucial part of life and are now about to become an even more important part of her wedding album. Bridesmaids aren’t just guests to the wedding, they are essentially the bride’s backbone.

They have to constantly be on their toes, double up as planners, negotiators and even counsellors but at the same time have to look the part of the fabulous bridal party too.

Make-up sure will surely enhance your features but healthy, youthful skin is the perfect base for it. So ditch the outdated Gold/Diamond/Pearl facials and help yourself to the skin as healthy and radiant as you are!

Every Bridesmaids Ultimate Skincare Routine

First things first, you need to establish a fixed C-T-M routine. This stands for Cleanser-Toner-Moisturiser. According to your skin type (whether it be oily, dry, combination or sensitive), you need to choose all 3 of these products for your skin; a mild but deep cleanser, a good toner and an ultra-hydrating moisturiser.

SS Tip: If you aren’t certain which toner will suit your skin, you can always go for rose water! It’s completely natural and gives your face a rosy, flushed glow instantly!


Skincare is not just a routine, it’s a way of living and so sunscreen is the most important part of skincare as it is an anti-ageing component on its own. We cannot stress this enough exposure to the sun can cause dark spots and wrinkles and pigmented skin.SPF 50 offers 98% protection from the sun’s rays and there’s really no need to go higher than that.

SS Tip: Keep in mind that the sunscreen you buy should be labelled ‘broad spectrum’ to ensure it protects you from UVA and UVB rays both.

Stock up on this skin essential right here!

Sheet Masks

Facial sheet masks are a heavenly tool to pamper yourself at home! These masks are usually targeted to treat very specific skin issues. They are infused with different sorts of serums and are the perfect way to detoxify after a long week. They brighten the skin, making it more radiant and youthful.

SS Tip: Don’t throw away the excess serum! Use it for your neck and hands, it’s super moisturising!

A wide range of Innisfree sheet masks is available on Nykaa.

Makeup Remover

Every girl needs a solid makeup remover in her life and that’s the gospel truth! It’s important to flush out the residual oil and dirt out of your pores because these cause breakouts and ruin the pH balance of your skin. Coconut oil can be used as a natural makeup remover and is excellent for removing eye makeup. Just warm the coconut oil between your fingers, wipe it dry with a cotton pad and proceed to gently remove your makeup.

SS Tip: Don’t tug at your skin whilst removing your makeup, it irritates the skin and could give you rashes.

We recommend Garnier Micellar Water, it even comes in an oil-infused variant!

Under Eye creams/gels

We bet all those late nights are showing on your face! Hydration for your under-eye area is an absolute must pre-mature ageing. The under-eye area is exceptionally sensitive and the skin there is quite thin. Under-eye creams brighten the skin and reduce dark skills while a cool and soothing effect under the eyes. if you want to avoid wrinkles and fine lines.

SS Tip: Ageing essentially means the breakdown of collagen (or elasticity) in the skin which causes fine lines and crows-feet.So make sure you buy serums/creams that boost collagen production in the skin, and never forget to moisturise beneath your eyes!

St.Botanica's Under Eye Gel & Cream are very popular for their fast action and natural ingredients.

Serums/Hydrating Masks

Nighttime is when the skin goes into repair mode, and that is why a nighttime skincare regime is so crucial. Overnight Hydrating Masks or Serums are integral when it comes to making your skin look bouncy and full of life. These masks are filled with essential oils that help you get rid of tired-looking skin.

SS Tip: Choose a serum with Hylarunic acid, as it is a key-player in ultra-hydration making your skin firm. Don’t let the word ‘acid’ scare you! It’s already a natural component that already exists in your body.

St. Botanica's Hylarunic Acid Serum is packed with Vitamin E and C and comes highly recommended!

The ultimate skincare tip we can give you is this: If you're going to be wearing make-up day after day for all the functions, it's very important to let your skin breathe the week before. So you should avoid any kind of heavy makeup and perhaps only stick to sunscreen or BB cream!


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Every Bridesmaid's Ultimate Skincare Guide to get Prepped for her BFFs Wedding

by Manavi Chauhan

Every Bridesmaid's Ultimate Skincare Guide to get Prepped for her BFFs Wedding