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Source: Roopkala

Wedding season is finally in full swing. And with the wedding season comes stunning wedding attire for brides. Before their wedding day arrives, brides dig deep into ideas for their bridal outfits, shortlisting types of outfits, the materials they’re made of, and all the accessories that go with them. And of course, every bride should have a pure silk outfit in her trousseau. 

Outfits made from pure silk are basically heirloom pieces that add to your collection and pass it down from one generation to another. However, every time you get yourself a pure silk outfit, you need to ensure that it is Silk Mark assured. 

To learn more about bridal wear that's in vogue and how Silk Mark assures the purity of silks used, scroll down and start reading! 

The Ultimate Bridal Wear That’s In Vogue

Source: Roopkala 

The definition of bridal wear has evolved over the years. The bridal wear of yesteryears came with a lot of rules about how a bride should dress or what colours she should or shouldn’t wear. The bride of today is the first and last word on her outfit. And even if she considers her family and friends’ suggestions, their opinions neither impose nor interfere with her choice. She’s more practical and realistic, with a vision of only wanting what looks the best on their body and matches with other aspects like jewellery, makeup, hair, etc. Everyone’s got their vibe and it’s always something unique. 

The one thing many brides focus on when it comes to their wedding outfits is the material used. While there are many materials like tulle, organza, crepe and georgette; maximum brides go with pure silk as their top choice. 

Silk ensembles are comfortable yet chic and nothing short of stunning. Pure Indian silk is one of the most glorious fabrics that is loved and praised all over the world. Its regality has been adding a touch of glamour to weddings since ancient times. Pure silk is an amalgamation of authentic royal sheen, ethereal texture and elegant motifs, making it the ideal fabric to grace a bride or groom’s wedding outfit. 

Similarly, there is a tonne of other factors that play a major role while creating the perfect wedding outfit. 

Types of Outfit 

When it comes to the type of outfit, earlier it was all about the heavy, embroidered lehengas, traditional dupattas, and old-school blouse cuts in predictable reds, greens and yellows. But now, brides have learnt to look beyond. Lehengas are no more the norm, but still very popular. Other outfits that are heavily popular amongst brides include shararas, gowns, jumpsuits and saree. Less popular, but equally trendy are Anarkalis and indo-western picks. 

One thing is for sure, brides looking for long-lasting and impactful outfits mostly lean towards clothes made with pure silk. A traditional fabric choice, it has been utilised by every generation irrespectively. It is soft to the touch and gives a regal gloss reflecting a dainty appearance. It is generally voted one of the most expensive fabrics to select, it is extremely soft, yet adds a lot of volume as a silhouette. 

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Colours of Choice

The traditional red is definitely a classic. However, the wedding colour palette has expanded to include non-traditional colours such as blue, gold, white, rani pink and even black! Even the best designers suggest ditching red for pastels like peach, pink, twilight green and butter yellow, as well as earthly neutrals like burnt orange, ash grey and aubergine. Even shades like fuchsia, green, orange and pastel pink are giving tough competition to the quintessential red. 

Trending Blouses & Necklines

The cuts and curves of blouses have become less conservative than earlier. In trending blouse designs, you get to witness cold or off-shoulders, plunging necklines, strappy backs and even backless designs. Furthermore, we get to see brides opting for different kinds of blouses like peplum, asymmetrical, jacket-style, bustiers and long kurta-like blouses with exaggerated necklines including halter necks, sweetheart necklines and deep V-necks. 

Embellishments of the blouses and outfits include sculpted detailing, exaggerated tussles, faux feathers, asymmetric drapes, bejewelled belts, kiran lace detailing and so much more! The material a blouse is with is also very important to the entire look. For example, if you’re opting for something more elaborate with ruffles and trims, the blouse would be made with organza. But if you want something more closed off, with a deep v-neck that looks sleek and perfectly sits on your body, then a pure silk blouse would be perfect. Just make sure that you purchase pure silk only with Silk Mark Label - your only assurance of pure silk. 

Source: Pothys

Extra Embellishments

When it comes to your outfits, the extra embellishments include your jewellery, footwear and accessories. These are the additions that take the whole ensemble to the next level. From elaborate polki and jadau jewellery for your wedding to shiny diamonds and emeralds for a reception and even quirky gota and floral jewellery for mehndi and haldi celebrations, the variety of jewellery today is almost unlimited. 

Brides choose to carry clutches and potlis with them and sometimes even fanny packs! And to top it all off, the footwear option has expanded from traditional heels to sneakers, juttis, mules, and quirky platform shoes! All of these elements are thought out carefully by her and help bring the look together. 

Makeup & Hair

Ultimately, the final touches to the ensemble include the bride’s hair and makeup. None of these elements should overpower the other. While hair constantly transitions between hair buns of different kinds to elaborate ponytails and even long open waves. Makeup, on the other hand, keeps changing genre every season. One season you’ll see heavy makeup looks with loud eyes and bright red lips, and sometimes you’ll see brides sporting minimal, almost no makeup looks. 

The makeup is very symbolic of the bride’s personality. If she’s the conservative, minimalist kind, she will go for something effortless and clean. But if she’s a firecracker with a quirky personality, you can surely expect things like graphic eyeliners, glitter-crusted eyelids, holographic highlighters and even vivid-hued lipsticks!

Materials Used In Bridal Wear

While the choice of fabric used to make your wedding dress seems personal, it also depends on the season you’re getting married in. There’s a lot to consider when picking the right fabric for your outfit. And just as you’d choose to wear certain weight fabrics, patterns or colours for autumn, spring, summer or winter, you’d do the same for your wedding outfit as well. Some fabrics are better suited for structure designs, others are great for slowing, light looks and some are ideal for larger-than-life ensembles. 

Summer and spring brides lean more towards peek-a-boo fabrics like organza, chiffon, crepe and cotton due to their lightweight and flowy nature. Many brides in winter go with velvet. And majority choose outfits made out of pure silk. The material shines like no other and fares very well with both weave and embroideries. And when it comes to pure silk, it is always best to go with something that has the Silk Mark Label on it, which assures its purity and authenticity 

About Silk Mark & The Pure Silk Assurance

Source: Pothys

It is important to note that the modern bride loves curating her outfits, taking inspiration from various aspects of life, while also respecting her roots and traditions. She leaves no stone unturned to cautiously curate her wedding day ensemble while also trying to experiment and create a memorable look. And one such way to do that, for any bride, is to choose a pure silk outfit. 

However, when it comes to buying a silk outfit, not many are aware of the difference between pure silk and duplicates. And boy, the market is indeed full of duplicates and fakes! But one of the easiest ways to distinguish between them and authentic pure silk is to look for the Silk Mark Label - your only assurance of pure silk. 

What is the Silk Mark Label, you ask?

Well, Silk Mark Label is the world’s first and only label of purity of silk from the Government of India. It is a label affixed only to 100% pure silk products after due diligence. According to their guidelines, a 100% pure silk product is one in which the base fabric, both warp and weft, is made up of any of the 4 varieties of natural silks namely, Mulberry, Tasar, Eri and Muga Silk.

Furthermore, as buyers, the Silk Mark assurance from the Government of India helps us fulfil our responsibility to support the livelihood of almost 10 million marginal farmers, reelers, dyers, weavers and craftsmen across the country involved in the silk industry and preserve a golden gift to us from our history - Indian silk!

 Final Words

In essence, whether you go with a lehenga or a saree or choose it to be red, white or black if you want it to be special, go in for an ensemble made with pure silk. Weddings are pure occasions that are all about pure joy, pure emotions and pure celebrations. So, to add some shine and glamour to your wedding, a pure silk bridal outfit would be perfect! Just keep an eye out for the Silk Marl Label to ensure that you're purchasing silk only of the highest and purest quality.

Check out their website to learn more about all the stores that carry fabrics that are Silk Mark assured by the Government of India and get working on that dream wedding ensemble!


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The Ultimate Modern Bridal Wear: An Insight Into What’s In Vogue

by Shivani Singh

The Ultimate Modern Bridal Wear: An Insight Into What’s In Vogue