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Indian silk sarees are the most glorious of fabrics, desired all over the world, and have been fashionable since ancient times. Not only are they known to add extra glamour to an Indian wedding, but are also very saree aficionados' dream. This traditional attire has managed to stay in trend despite wedding fashion’s evolution over the years. However, when it comes to buying pure silk sarees, it is essential you buy ones that are Silk Mark assured!

Just like how Indian weddings are a mix of specific celebrations and traditional rituals, silk sarees from Silk Mark assured pure silks are an amalgamation of authentic regal sheen, ethereal texture and grand motif designs, making us love everything about them. 

Wearing specific silk sarees during wedding ceremonies has invariably become a standard. Different types of pure silk sarees are opted for different purposes during weddings, helping brides shine brightly. Now, there may not be any hard-set rules on which kind of silk a bride should choose for a specific function, but suggestions are always to be made.

So scroll down and check out our favourite pure silk saree picks ideal for a wedding celebration that is Silk Mark assured!

Silk Favourites For Weddings Festivities

What is Silk Mark?

Silk Mark Label is the world’s first and only label of purity of silk from the Government of India. It is a label affixed only to 100% pure silk products after due diligence.

According to Silk Mark’s guidelines, a 100% pure silk product is one in which the base fabric, both warp and weft, is made up of any of the 4 varieties of natural silks namely, Mulberry, Tasar, Eri and Muga Silk.

For purchasers looking for authentic silk products, the Silk Mark Label makes it easier for us to buy pure silk sarees of only the best qualities. Furthermore, as buyers, the Silk Mark Label helps us fulfil our responsibility to support the livelihood of almost 10 million marginal farmers, reelers, dyers, weavers and craftsmen across the country involved in the silk industry and preserve a golden gift to us from our history - Indian silk!

Silks for Engagements

Engagements are one of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies where the bride and groom’s sides get together for the first time to begin the celebration. With the exchange of their rings, the couple takes the first step towards their happily ever after. For the engagement, colourful and designer clothes are an ideal choice for the bride and groom.

Normally, a dazzling Indian traditional Banarasi silk saree with zardozi or similar thread embroidery looks elegant, classic and yet fashionable on a bride. We’re all well aware of how much people today love the eye-catching hues and patterns of a Banarasi silk saree. So much so, that they’re exported all over the world. For us, a fine woven meenakari design on a pink Kantha Banarasi silk saree that is Silk Mark assured is a must-have in a bridal trousseau for her engagement. 

Silks For Haldi Celebrations

The new-age haldi ceremony is not just about following traditions and culture. Rather it has become a more fun event, with all the friends and family enjoying smearing haldi on the couple and then dancing their hearts out. For the haldi, most brides opt for a relaxed, light traditional silk saree in shades of yellow or red. A charming option would be a bright red pure silk zari Kancheepuram saree, that is Silk Mark assured by the Government of India, with brocade and checkered intricate woven designs. Thanks to the sheer brightness of the colour and attractive design, this saree, even in different earthy colours, would be the perfect match for your haldi ceremony.

Silk Sarees For Weddings You Should Know About

Indian wedding ceremonies are all about opulence. All brides reserve only their finest silk sarees for this day. One must remember that a wedding saree is regarded as an immaculate possession for a bride and a great remembrance piece for her. And while we’ve seen many brides in lehengas and shararas for their weddings, a traditional pure silk saree with embellishments is a great choice!

Particularly, we suggest you go for a traditional royal blue pure zari brocade Kancheepuram silk saree, contrasted with a kuttu korvai burnt orange border. The vibrancy of this colour combination has always been considered auspicious for a South Indian bride. Furthermore, other traditional favourites include Banarasi, Upppada, Gadhwal, Patola, Jamdani and Kantha silk sarees. Their love hasn’t faded at all even though times have changed. In fact, many of these silks come with mesmerising blends with other gorgeous materials like chiffons, crepes and georgettes. 

Silk Sarees For Reception Party 

Generally, the reception celebration is like the last hurrah. It is the closing ceremony of the wedding and the last chance for the bride and groom to take centre stage before their new life begins. When deciding on what to wear for your Reception, women have an extravaganza of choice, but nothing beats the allure of a Kancheepuram silk saree. Particularly, a gorgeous red-pink jangla Kancheepuram brocade saree with an intricately woven peacock border is said to be ideal. 

If you’re someone who wants something off-beat, then you’ll be spoilt for choices. From casual printed silk sarees and plain silks with borders, to truly regal Kancheepuram silk sarees, magnificent Banarasi silk sarees, grand Gharcholas, rare Patolas and embellished, custom-made designer silk sarees – the options for Silk Mark assured pure silk sarees, from the Government of India, are endless. 

Furthermore, you could opt for something a little more trendy like the latest half sarees with bandhani work or brocade pallus. These lovely silk half sarees have trendy designs and chic styling, accentuated with heavy lace borders and gorgeous embroidery motifs.

When talking of colours one should choose, various hues of pink are feminine and fanciful and are said to be eternal wedding favourites for any bride!

Handloom Sarees Every Bridal Trousseau Should Have

The charisma of a handloom saree is eternal and it is a unique beauty that never seems to fade. They’re soft, comfortable and absolutely fabulous. Be it a Patola or a Gadwal, one can never go wrong with a handloom silk saree. These lovely sarees are often devoid of external flamboyance– and that’s where their true beauty lies!

You can also find a ton of stunning handloom sarees that are Silk Mark assured by the Government of India. These luxurious sarees are timeless and make for such stunning, elegant wear that one can flaunt them at any age and stage of their life. From attending weddings to intimate functions like a godh bharai or even a formal event, handloom sarees are always a bankable option.

Pure Silk Sarees Every Bride Deserves

Much like handloom silks, other pure silks have an everlasting charm. Pure silk sarees have a natural lustre to them. So, even if you choose a plain saree or one with a border, they demand attention in any crowd. Furthermore, sisters of the bride or groom can find stunning Silk Mark-authenticated silk sarees to flaunt their presence and invite praise.

Every bridal trousseau, be it South or North Indian, is incomplete without a glorious Indian silk saree. And when we talk weddings, it’s impossible not to talk about Kancheepuram wedding sarees. Kancheepuram sarees come in a wide variety which can be worn on multiple occasions and are known for their amazing weave and fabric quality. They drape beautifully, stay put for hours and never fade. Kancheepuram sarees also have a unique quality of keeping one insulated, making them a great choice for winter. Owning a Kancheepuram saree is like owning an heirloom piece that can be passed down for generations.

On the other hand, you can also go for something glorious like the Mysore silk saree. Known for its silken lustre and sheen, with a unique weave, smooth texture and minimalist designs, a pure Mysore silk saree will make you fall in love with its simplicity and elegance. Similarly, pure Banarasi silk sarees have been known to add a lot of richness to weddings. Stores that house Silk Mark Label sarees boast varieties like Katans, Jamdanis, Jamavars, Koras and handloom georgettes in a myriad of colours

Final Note

However big, small, elaborate or concise a bridal trousseau is – it’s always special and grand in its own way. With all the jewellery, accessories, makeup and apparel that are a part of a bride’s trousseau, a traditional silk saree takes a major space in it and is an item of immense pride and warmth. The love for these pure silk nine yards will never fade. People will always prefer silk sarees for an exclusive, designer and traditional feel, especially when it comes to weddings.

So, for your next traditional pure silk saree purchase, make sure you head over to a store that is Silk Mark assured by the Government of India. Trust us, you’ll be swooning at their sheer authenticity and charm in no time!


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Say Hello To Silk Mark Assured Pure Silks- Adding Glitter To Weddings!

by Shivani Singh

Say Hello To Silk Mark Assured Pure Silks- Adding Glitter To Weddings!