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If you're a bride-to-be, we know all that excitement and anxiety, all the hectic yet fun wedding preps and all the overwhelming emotions you would be going through. We know how all this time of your lives in a big roller coaster that's stressing you out while it's being equally fun. The one thing though, that must be annoying the hell out of you would be probably all those stereotypical expectations everybody would have suddenly started having from you. All those expectations that would make you, "Jeez why us women only?!" (while your husbands-to-be would be on a chiller roll) Yeah, all those "you shouldn't behave like this", "you should do this" and "this is how you should look" kinda expectations.

But, regardless of how it looks like to others, there are brides out there who are oh-so-unabashedly breaking free from such conditioning norms and patterns and choosing to live the best time of their lives their way. These new-age modern brides are happily saying no to those women-centric barriers while ditching those age-old "bridal standards". And, of course, marking this millennial era with contemporary trends that obviously have the world smitten.

Well, want to find out if you're one of those new-age contemporary brides as well? Read to find out!

Definite Signs That Prove You're a New-Age Contemporary Bride

1. Drinking. Dancing. Eating—You've decided to enjoy your wedding to the fullest!

Be it eating sufficiently, dancing your heart out or drinking, you're absolutely sure that you'd be enjoying your wedding to the core and not just sit and watch others do that. And well, just so! It's your wedding after all and you deserve to live every bit of it.

2. You say yes to revealing outfits & plunging necklines.

You don't care at how many "hawwws" you're gonna get for this. If your heart is set at that short dress for your cocktail or reception party or at that deep neckline, you'll make sure you wear that! And pull it off like a pro. To put it short, you always choose to wear what you want. Period.

3. You won't mind a little PDA at your own wedding!

Getting all mushy with your bae, stealing hugs and kisses and giving those perfect seal it with a kiss shots is something you are not going to shy away from. It's your wedding and you'll make the most of every moment of it.

4. Your curves don't bring you down.

If you're a chubby bride-to-be and all that pressure to be slimming down for your wedding doesn't bother you or bring you down, voila! You're one of those ultimate new-age mod brides who's confident in her own skin and wouldn't do anything because of the societal pressure. You would take on that fitness routine only if you want to and not because people want you to. So, if you're least bothered by your curves and instead of planning to flaunt them, we're rooting for you woman. "Go flaunt 'em. woohoo!"

5. "Mehndi laga k rakhna...", no, not happening!

Getting your hands laden with gorgeous bridal mehndi is a dream for so many women out there. While there are some women who are a big no-no for even the tiniest of mehndi dots but are asked to get their hands etched because "tum dulhan ho!" Considering that, if you're that woman who wouldn't get dragged down under that pressure and would outrightly opt for a minimal mehndi design or no mehndi at all for that matter, you're sure that modern woman who knows what she wants. And would stick to it.

6. You've ditched the cliche lehenga norms.

Gone are the days when brides-to-be had to choose a heavily ornamented lehenga in a shade of red or maroon. Of course, the quintessence of red is graceful but, it's the era of millennials and brides are all open to experimenting with their bridal outfits. Be it choosing a lightweight lehenga or an offbeat shade such as grey, brides are choosing what they feel like regardless of what dem aunties say. Are you one of them, ladies?

7. You believe in equal financial wedding responsibilities.

Of course, how the two families decide to split the wedding budget is totally their call and nobody can judge them. But, if you're that bride who believes in equally bearing the financial wedding responsibilities without burdening either of the sides, that's a cue how mod and new-age you are.

8. You don't steer away from dem boys like those aunties expect!

It's all about sharing this best time of your lives with your friends irrelevant of their gender. Gone are those days of stereotypically straying away from men and your male friends especially at your wedding. You got a gang you're proud of? Go make the most of this time and make memories!

9. You don't believe that decking up is a necessity.

Women have been conditioned to believe that getting married means decking up underneath layers of makeup and jewellery. Well, that's not true ladies. You need to be able to feel all comfy and free in your bridal look. Ditching the cliche OTT bridal look for nude makeup and minimal jewellery because of comfort is what marks you as a millennial bride. A bride who wouldn't do something simply to avoid being judged for her choices.

10. If you want a small wedding, you don't care what people would say!

Basically, contemporary here means hosting the kind of wedding that fits your budget & makes the whole experience warmer and personal to you and your loved ones. It clearly isn't about hosting a big wedding 'cuz of society or inviting even the who's who because you just know them or want to return the favor!


Tag that woman who you think would make for a sassy modern bride!

10 Obvious Signs that You're a Bang-on New-Age Bride-to-be

by Divya Arora

10 Obvious Signs that You're a Bang-on New-Age Bride-to-be