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Selecting your wedding venue is the first step in planning a fabulous wedding. And aside from serving its obvious purpose, your choice of wedding venue is responsible for multiple other things, including having a major impact on how your celebration carries out. You need a place that not only is capable of handling your wedding brigade with finesse but also helps add a natural charm to your wedding. And Saya Grand Resort fits all the bills perfectly!

A boutique-style sanctuary located in Upper Thane, Mumbai, the gorgeous Saya Grand Resort is not only unmatched in terms of its aesthetics but also has remarkable facilities. Scroll down and see for yourself just why we love this wedding venue and you will too!

Host The Ultimate Wedding At Saya Grand Resort

To help your wedding be unique, your choice of venue needs to be truly out of the box, while also being convenient for your guests to reach. And even though we’re all well aware of the legions of venues available in and around Mumbai, only a handful of them make it to the list of the ideal wedding venues in our opinion. And still, there is always something lacking. 

However, Saya Grand Resort has proved itself to be an exception and made us believe that the ‘perfect wedding venue’ does indeed exist. 

It Is The Ultimate Getaway Within City Limits

Sprawling across 16 acres of lush greenery, the Saya Grand Resort is located in the recently developed suburbs of Upper Thane in Mumbai. Surrounded by beautiful flora and foliage along with pools and tons of trees, this place is ideal for both indoor and outdoor wedding functions. Plus, it’s within city limits, so your guests don’t have to worry about travelling too far. Just gather your wedding brigade and take an hour-long drive from Mumbai to Thane!

Ample Space For Events 

The resort is equipped with 4 grand banquets and 3 huge green lawns that are ideal to host luxurious or intimate wedding functions and has flexible arrangements for the same. Plus, some pools can serve as the perfect stage for poolside functions and parties!

Luxurious Accommodations for Guests

Not only is the resort full of awesome party spaces, but their guest accommodations are also like being in a whole different country! They’re spacious, comfortable and an absolute dream. Plus, you also have the opportunity to book suites and villas with attached pools. So, if you’re planning a destination wedding, then Saya Grand Resort would be the perfect place for you!

A Luxe Dining Experience

In full honesty, if there is anything people look forward to at a wedding, it’s the food. And you need a place that can cater to you and your guests just the way you want. Thankfully, Saya Grand Resort’s chef and the team always go the extra mile to serve the best gastronomical dining experience. Be it traditional Madwadi cuisine or the finest continental spread, the resort can plan various gourmet food concepts to fit your wedding!

Impeccable Hospitality & Flexible Arrangements

If there is one thing you expect from your wedding venue it is unblemished hospitality towards you and your guests. Saya Grand Resort aims to offer you a cherishable experience and is known to be an amazing host for weddings with flexible arrangements. They’ll make you feel at home while providing you with the ultimate luxurious wedding experience. One that you wouldn’t want to miss for the world!

Final Words

Whether you’re planning a theme-based wedding or a gorgeous close-knit affair, let Saya Grand Resort take care of your wedding needs with its flawless hospitality and facilities. To know more about the resort and its facilities (and maybe even drool over the exquisite view), visit their website - Saya Grand Resort!


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Check Out Saya Grand Resort: The Ultimate Venue Limits For Lush Weddings!

by Shivani Singh

Check Out Saya Grand Resort: The Ultimate Venue Limits For Lush Weddings!