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Sarees are a popular choice of outfit not just for the guests who come to a wedding but even for brides to don on their wedding day. And, the best part is that fashion influencers are playing a significant role in donning the best saris be it traditional ones or chic sequins. That’s why today we have compiled a list of all the sarees that we’d love to steal from influencers’ wardrobes. Scroll below to check out our list!

Top Sarees Worn by Fashion Influencers

Plain Sarees for the Win

There is a certain charm to plain sarees. The nine yards of fabric flowing free in rich colors is good enough to help you make a statement. And, if you’re clueless about how to slay a plain saree then you should check out these fashion influencers’ sarees. From hues such as pristine white to dark colors like crimson, scroll below to check out some of our favorite sarees donned by influencers.

Printed Sarees to Make a Statement

If you want to be comfortable but not compromise on style, might we recommend that you go with a nice printed saree just like the many fashion influencers you follow!? Prints showcase the versatility of the saree and add a breezy touch to the overall look. Scroll below and take major inspiration from these fashion influencers’ printed sarees!

Source Niki Mehra

Say Yes to a Sequins Saree

The lightweight and sheer beauty of sequin sarees have captured the hearts of fashion influencers and for all the right reasons. We’ve spotted a plethora of them trotting around in drop-dead gorgeous sequins sarees that are perfect for any sort of wedding function.

Source Niki Mehra

Source Niki Mehra

Hello Traditional Sarees!

Traditional sarees are a classic choice for their opulence and richness. No matter what the occasion, you will always spot a fashion influencer in a traditional saree. Whether a passed-down heirloom from their mum or a freshly purchased traditional saree, influencers feel that this type of saree is a major hit!

Stand Out in Your Stylish Saree

Whether you opt for a chic organza saree or a unique pleated fabric one, a saree is a great silhouette to stand out especially if you’re going for an unconventional design. We recommend taking major inspiration from these real brides who donned the most gorgeous yet unique sarees. Scroll below and see for yourself.

Source Niki Mehra

Source Niki Mehra


Which is your favorite saree worn by a fashion influencer? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

All the Sarees We Want to Steal from Influencers' Wardrobes!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

All the Sarees We Want to Steal from Influencers' Wardrobes!