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This piece of clothing lying in your wardrobe have the power to make those heads turn in awe as you walk down to the next party that you are planning to attend. Blouses, today, no more just complete your saree look but are paid special attention by the top designers of the country. A beautiful blouse even on a very simple saree will make party-ready in no time. The present-day fashion market is overflowing with vibrant, elegant and the most stylish saree blouse designs. This overflow of designs offer you the widest variety of choices on one hand but might confuse you even more on the other. To save you some time and effort, we dug in into this fashion market and prepared this latest saree blouse designs catalogue for you. Do save the best ones as you go through them.

51+ Latest Saree Blouse Designs

The first modification that comes to our mind when we go out to look for our saree blouses is the neckline. The neckline and how your blouse appears from the front is what people are going to notice primarily in your look. Here are the trending saree blouse designs front for you to choose the best ones from.

Deep V Neck Saree Blouse Design

We have been crushing over this powder blue Deep V-Neck saree blouse from the moment we saw it. Embellished with mirrors, this saree blouse design with pattern will perfectly match your charm in the next party that you attend.

High Neck Saree Blouse Design

This high neck silver blouse donned by the fashionista of Bollywood herself at a recent function that she attended is the blouse inspiration you were looking for the winter wedding that you need to attend. Opt for this blouse design in the colour of your choice to stay comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Source Pinterest

Lacework Saree Blouse Design

This trending saree blouse design made of lace is ideal for women who want to wear fancy without being too out there. The texture of the lace is super soft and comfortable on your skin and flatter your curves perfectly.

Source Pinterest

Strappy Saree Blouse Design

This gorgeous blue strappy saree blouse design is going the compliment even the simplest of your saree. Cute yet sexy, this blouse is definitely a must add to your collection of top saree blouse designs.

Mirror Work Saree Blouse Design

This blouse covered with mirrors of different shapes and sizes work wonders with a plain saree. The blouse is going to make your centre of attention of the party as soon as you arrive. Crushing already!

Cape Saree Blouse Design

A blend of ethnic with modern, this blouse took our hearts away as soon as we laid our eyes on it. This is one of the most stylish blouse designs in the list with a decent proportion exposure & coverage.

Source Pinterest

U-Neck Saree Blouse Design

One of the recent additions to the list of Bollywood divas, she had all eyes on her as she walked down Deepveer’s wedding reception carpet. If you are blessed with an hour-glass figure, the oldie U-neck blouse design is the one you shouldn’t skip.

Boat Neck Saree Blouse Design

If choosing the smart one is your style, you simply can’t go wrong with is boat neck blouse design. Solid or prints, pair this blouse with the saree of your choice and take their breath away.

Source Pinterest

Strapless Saree Blouse Design

For the women who like to carry a bit of the extra ‘oomph factor’ with themselves, this one simply can’t go wrong. Flaunt the best of you in this new saree blouse design.

Source Pinterest

Sweetheart Neck Saree Blouse Design

Go basic and choose to show off that gorgeous neckline of yours in the sweetheart neck blouse design. Opt for them in traditional or funky prints or even in solids.

Sheer Straps Saree Blouse Design

Doll yourself up in this Sheer Saree Blouse Design which gives you an effect of both the strapless one & the strappy one. This one undoubtedly adds to that appeal that you own.

Cutout Neck Saree Blouse Design

Get over those boring blouse designs by customising the collar of your blouse like Anita Hassanandani did min this look of hers. Try cutouts of different shapes and sizes & choose the one that suits you the best.

Source sanimohini

Jacket Inspired Saree Blouse Design

Another fusion of traditional & western result in these ravishing jacket blouses. Nothing makes your saree look smarter than these.

Source Pinterest

Halter Neck Saree Blouse Design

Kriti Sanon’s Diwali Party look went viral in no time. One of the major contributors of this look was the pretty Halter neck that she chose to pair with this white shimmer saree.

Belted Saree Blouse Design

This serves as a perfect option if you want to flaunt that sculpted waistline of yours. The belt in the blouse draws attention to your wait instantly.

Source studio149

Corset Saree Blouse Design

This one came into light in recent years and haven’t gone out of fashion since its arrival. Corset blouses are the one to opt for to complete your elegant saree look.

Source Pinterest

Mandarin Inspired Saree Blouse Design

Looking for an option to complete the traditional saree look that you have been planning for a long time? Here’s your answer. Mandarin Collar looks traditional yet is one of the smartest looks in the list.

Source Pinterest

Shirt Saree Blouse Design

Didn’t you already expect this one to be on the list? Fashion is all about mixing & matching & we are yet to find a more perfect mix-match than this one. Must say a dapper one!

Source Pinterest

Keyhole Neck Saree Blouse Design

Your skin just peeping out of your blouse is how we would describe this look. We find this a perfect one for your casual as well as party outfits.

Source Instagram

Bikini Inspired Saree Blouse Design

Do we even need to say anything? A sexier outfit than a bikini has not been designed yet, a blouse inspired from this is something you should own if you are keen on looking sexy in the next gathering.

Source Pinterest

Shimmer Saree Blouse Design

A blouse enveloped with shimmer is the one to own for adding to your glam this evening. A Shimmer Blouse with a solid or ombre plain saree or even with a shimmer saree makes you look your glamorous best.

Source Mid Day

Peplum Saree Blouse Design

This jaw-dropping gorgeous blouse walks up to you right from the runway. One of the trending saree blouse design deserves a place in your wardrobe for sure.

Source Pinterest

Colourful Cutwork Saree Blouse Design

We couldn’t take our eyes off this masterpiece by Arpita Mehta on our hunt to find the best saree blouse designs for you. The cutwork in vibrant colours makes the blouse apt for both casual & festive looks.

Crystallised Tassel Detailed Saree Blouse Design

This one of a kind creation is the one that will help you to stand out among the crowd. On the evening on which you wear it, the crystals & tassel on the blouse are going to be the highlight of your look.

Source Pinterest

All Beaded Saree Blouse Design

Another detailing that we catch everyone’s eyes as you go out wearing it is this unique all beaded detailing which has your blouse all covered under beads. This blend of traditional & modern by Papa don’t Preach have us going gaga over it.

Half Sheer- Half Embellished Saree Blouse Design

This new blouse design by Manish Malhotra is what a royal blouse inspiration is. The upper half of the blouse is see-through & the other half is embellished beautifully. The blouse gives out a glimpse of your skin without revealing too much.

This is something as important (if not more) than the front of your blouse. Wearing a saree is a perfect opportunity to show off your perfect back. The appeal of a backless blouse or the elegance of the pearl-embellished one, the back of your blouse has a lot to say. With the huge number of Saree Blouse Designs Back available in this category, this is worthy of checking out!

Pearl Back Saree Blouse Design

This has to be the best one we ever came across. The pearl detailing on the back gives you an oh-so-elegant look. This is one evening blouse that you must own.

Source Instagram

Button-Down Back Saree Blouse Design

This stunning piece of clothing is what happens when smart meets the beautiful. This pink blouse with golden prints has south Indian flavours in it. Flaunt it along with a ‘gajra bun’ & see wonders happening.

Source Pinterest

Cutout Back Saree Blouse Design

This new saree blouse design is the one that you must own if you happen to be a person who follows trends. The blouse has become rage ever since it appeared in the fashion world.

Source Pinterest

Sheer Saree Blouse Design with Embroidery

The back of this amazing blouse design is sheer and has minimal embroidery over it making it the epitome of classy & desirable by the ladies all around.

Source Pinterest

Multiple Dori Saree Blouse Design

Raise your appeal with few notches when you out wearing this pretty golden blouse with several dories tied behind. The blouse has the power to do wonders if you carry it out well.

Source Pinterest

Pom-Pom Detailed Saree Blouse Design

This blouse is actually over the places. The most trending one out of these, this one with cute pom-poms is a must-have.

Source Pinterest

Knotted Back Saree Blouse Design

Two pieces of loose clothing tied on your back is effortlessly beautiful. This looks apt for a casual meetup (made of a different fabric, of course) or grand celebration.

Source Pinterest

Criss-cross Back Saree Blouse Design

All-time favourite! A criss-cross back never goes out of fashion. This lavender one with embellishments over it makes a perfect blouse for a bridesmaid.

Funky Zipper Back Saree Blouse Design

The name suggests the mood quite well, we suppose. This one is for funky women out there who do not shy away from trying something unique.

Source Pinterest

Backless Saree Blouse Design

No woman ever have disliked backless blouses! This one too is popular. The must want white blouse can be worn on the next wedding that you have been invited to or maybe a party.

Source Pinterest

Pearl & Mesh Back Saree Blouse Design

A combination of two trending ideas ie. pearls and mesh, this blouse is nothing less than a dreamy one. Own this one & leave people awestruck when you wear it.

Traditional Doli Saree Blouse Design

This one is for brides-to-be. With Doli embroidered on the back of the blouse, it is all ready to be added in the #WeddingOutfitGoals list.

Double Dori Saree Blouse Design

This new saree blouse design in just what you were looking for your next wedding guest outfit. The playful Doris on the back of the blouse adds to its appeal.

Source anitadongre

Jhumki Detailing Saree Blouse Design

The Jhumkis on the back of the blouse makes the blouse more traditional and funky at the same time. Now, that’s what we call a perfect blend.

Source Pinterest

Another detail that adds to this diversification of the top saree blouse designs is their sleeves. From the length of the sleeve to the type of detailing that has donned, the blouse sleeves have an unmatched charm of their own. Browse through these blouses with some unique sleeve detailing & add some to your favourites.

Off Shoulder Saree Blouse Design

The most trending sleeve detail at the present day is no sleeves at all. Blouses inspired by off-shoulder tops are the new favourite that everyone has been trying on.

Source Instagram

One Shoulder Saree Blouse Design

The next in line is when you leave one of your shoulders bare while you cover the other one to add to your appeal. The blouse in prints, solids, embellishments or embroidery looks gorgeous.

Source Pinterest

Ruffled Sleeves Saree Blouse Design

Ruffles are on everyone’s list at the moment. From Ruffle sarees to ruffle sleeve blouse, it has taken over the Indian traditional fashion industry. This pink ruffle sleeve blouse goes perfectly with any contrasting colour saree.

Embroidered Sleeves Saree Blouse Design

The embroidery on the net sleeves is no less than an artwork. Wear this artwork on your arm while you attend the wedding function.

Source Pinterest

Cold Shoulder Saree Blouse Design

Taking inspiration from the cold shoulder top, this one too is a blend of Indian with western. Rock this look as Bollywood Diva Jacqueline Fernandez does in the picture.

Source Pinterest

Heavy Full Sleeves Saree Blouse Design

This one too is ideal for the Bride or the newly married. This full sleeve new blouse design has heavy sleeves either embroidered or embellished or maybe both.

Source Pinterest

Puff Sleeves Saree Blouse Design

This remains people’s favourite go-to option from quite a few years now when they want to go for a look that is stylish but not too risky. Add this stylish saree blouse design to your wardrobe today, if you haven’t already.

Source Pinterest

Bell Sleeves Saree Blouse Design

This has been the favourite of the top fashionistas in the country for a reason. This bell sleeves saree blouse is apt for a bridesmaid in pre-wedding functions like sangeet, cocktail party etc.

Source Pinterest

¾ Sleeves Saree Blouse Design

The length of the sleeve can make a lot of difference to how your blouse will look like. Anyone including the bride, bridesmaid or ladies on festivals and parties can style them for the occasion & flaunt them.

Source Pinterest

Embellished Sheer Sleeves Saree Blouse Design

This blouse with sheer sleeves with soft embellishments can be teamed up with a solid saree of the same colour to create a perfect party look.

Source Pinterest

Pearl Dropping Saree Blouse Design

This Beautiful Blouse donned by Kaira Adnavi is an exclusive Manish Malhotra creation. While she has paired it up with a lehenga, it would be a perfect match for a saree too. This, without a doubt, is the one that I am going to wear on the next wedding that I attend.

How to choose the Best Saree Blouse Design?

Now, even with a fair idea of how the trending saree blouse designs look like, you must know that your struggle doesn’t end here. No matter how popular that particular blouse design is if it doesn’t look good on you, it is of complete no use to you. The ideal blouse design for you depends on several factors including your body type & the weather.

Note that wearing a full sleeves blouse in December winters will be a is a good idea and so is wearing that strapless blouse is in May. The role-reversal of these two will either end up with you freezing in the winter or sweating like a pig in summers.

You must always style yourself according to your body type. Wear the right styles to flatter the curves of your body. Go through this Style Guide on How to Pick that Perfect Blouse for Your Body Type & help yourself in selecting the saree blouse design for you.

Final Words

That’s a pretty long list. Isn’t it? Now when you through this Saree Blouse Designs catalogue, we hope that you found the inspiration that you were looking for. Do not forget to bookmark your favourite ones & do tell us in the comment section about the designs that you are gonna try.

Did we miss something? Feel free to tell us in the comment section, we are always happy to hear from you!



Did you find your ideal saree blouse design inspiration? Do tell us in the comments section. Also, browse through
these Blouse Designs for your Bridal Lehenga!

Top 51 Saree Blouse Designs (Latest and Stylish)

by Apoorva Saxena

Top 51 Saree Blouse Designs (Latest and Stylish)