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When Ananya Swaminathan (Alia Bhatt) from one of our favourite Bollywood films 'Two States' said, "When two people are meant to be together, they'll find a way," we felt that. 

In a world where borders and differences often divide, there exists a love story that defies all boundaries. It is a tale of two souls, entwined in a bond that transcends the barriers of religion. 

So today, we're here to talk about a couple's nuptials that we've been going gaga over thanks to their gorgeous wedding photos and their very 'Two States'- esque love story! Their worlds collided in the most unexpected of ways and their hearts intertwined and found solace in each other's presence. Despite the stark contrast in their backgrounds, they discovered a profound connection that defies logical explanation. For us, their love story is a tapestry of shared dreams, whispered secrets, and stolen glances.

Scroll down and check out the amazing wedding story of Sanjana & Aahan, a Mangalorean ‘maga’ and a Punjabi ‘munda’ whose wedding was a celebration of diversity, acceptance, and the resilience of the human spirit!

Introducing Sanjana Shetty & Aahan Sethi

Welcome to the amazingly beautiful world of Sanjana and Aahan- a Mangalorean ‘maga’ and a Punjabi ‘munda’. For them, fate had a unique way of weaving its tapestry. Despite the stark contrast in their backgrounds, the two found themselves drawn to one another like celestial bodies irresistibly pulled together by an invisible force. 

When Aahan went out one night, he found himself drawn to Sanjana, a wholesome girl having the time of her life at her close friends’ sisters' engagement. Once the two got talking (and flirting!) there was no looking back, "That interaction was one of the most natural and effortless conversations we both had and really added to the charm of the setting. What’s funny is that we followed each other on IG but never conversed with one another. In a day and time, where slipping into someone’s DM seems to be a way to go, there was something about this old-fashioned approach that felt so refreshing!"

Maybe, according to the couple, that's where the spark between them ignited: Two romantics who hoped to find a connection that was something beyond the ordinary. You could say that the story ends here, you know, boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after! But just like any Bollywood movie, there's a twist!

"We both were going through our own mental gymnastics: tied up work, the baggage of old relationships, relentless pursuit of our passions and all this and more led those very sparks into dying embers, slowly waiting to be extinguished. But fate had other plans! Fast forward to a year after our meeting, something nudged inside me to finally put everything aside and ask her out!" says Aahan, "We bonded over our interests, our values, our upbringings and being the spoilt brats of our family! Turns out, that we are only 6 months apart and grew up in the same neighbourhood, attended the same classes, did the same activities, and even went to the same places, but never met! I guess this time around, we were in the right place and at the right time!"

Just like that, the embers of their romance that felt like they were fluttering away, slowly reignited. Their feelings for each other were stronger than ever and of course, the rest is history. 

Fun-Filled Haldi Celebration

The wedding celebration took place in St. Regis & Bayview Lawns, Mumbai which began with their haldi celebration. The couple's haldi was a combination of a dance and music-filled celebration along with, of course, the haldi part. Sanjana Shetty donned a pretty, pastel-hued lehenga with yellow detailing while Aahan wore a deep blue sherwani, which he later changed to a yellow set for his haldi. The most lively part of the celebration was the festive and exhilarating dance performances by the family members and the groom that had the bride in tears at certain points!

An Energetic Sangeet Party

The enchanting sangeet party of Sanjana and Aahan Sethi was in a league of its own. With unlimited booze, endless music and unrestrained joy, the sangeet was one function where everyone had a lot of fun. Sanjana choose a beautiful fishtail lehenga that complimented her silhouette gorgeously. Whereas Aahan wore a dapper black tuxedo with intricate detailing on the collar. 

Wholesome Wedding

Ah yes! The wedding ceremony not only went viral but had us in a bind on social media. In true 'Two States' fashion, Sanjana wore a gorgeous pastel pink kanjeevaram saree with a blue and gold border which she paired with bright gold temple jewellery and a sleek, minimal makeup look. Aahan, on the other hand, went full Punjabi groom and wore a stunning off-white sherwani with intricate embroidery. In full Punjabiyan fashion, Aahan and his barat showed up at the venue dancing to the dhols. The wedding ceremony itself was a very heartwarming sight to witness for everyone who wished nothing but blessings for the couple. 

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Venue: St. Regis & Bayview Lawns, Mumbai | Wedding Photographer: The Photo Lab | Bridal Makeup Artists: Shradha Luthra | Wedding Planner: Ziel Experiences | Wedding Decorator: Its An Affair | Bridal Outfit: Sawan Gandhi | Groom Outfit: Angadi Bangalore


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The Real Life 'Two States' Wedding Of Sanjana & Aahan!

by Shivani Singh

The Real Life 'Two States' Wedding Of Sanjana & Aahan!