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The term, “love is love” for many holds simple meanings like holding hands, being together forever, believing in yourself and most importantly, for many, it means to not be afraid of loving someone no matter what sex he or she has. 

So, on account of pride month, we spent the entire month looking for same-sex weddings which had brave love stories, the struggles they faced and the fact that love never fails. While we wanted to share all the amazing stories that we came across, today we have summarised a few Indian LGBTQ Weddings for you to read and connect with. Scroll below to read these fantastic stories and don’t forget to keep the tissue box close. 🏳️‍🌈❤️

Indian LGBTQ Weddings Which Have Us In Tears 

1. Celebrity Makeup Artist Daniel Bauer's Wedding With Beau Tyrone Braganza!

Tyrone came across Daniel some 6 years ago at the Banana Bar in Khar Bombay. The duo wasn’t hoping for a relationship but ended up sharing this amazing chemistry during that meeting. Little did they know that the next 4 years are going to be a rollercoaster ride for them. Tyrone and Daniel kept bumping into each other against all the odds especially in a city as huge as Bombay. Then it was sooner than later that they started spending time with each other and realized that they had to be together. After some months, the duo got hitched in a beautiful intimate wedding ceremony in Germany and then decided to head back to India for a big fat Indian wedding. 

Their intimate wedding was absolutely perfect because both groomsmen got to tie the knot the way they always wanted and had their nearest and dearest become a part of the most special days of their lives! 

2. Aveena And Alissa’s Fusion Wedding! 

Aveena and Alissa virtually met each other on Bumble back in 2017. Back then, Alissa took great care in writing her profile description while Aveena here didn’t even bother reading it. Despite ignoring the profile description, Aveena was the one who messaged Alissa and asked her out on a date as soon as their profiles matched. Their date went on for hours and after dating and living together for two years, the duo decided to get hitched. On the wedding day, when Alissa looked at Aveena, dressed as a bride, she got so emotional that she started crying. If this isn’t true love, then we honestly don’t know what is!

The couple had a church wedding with the presence of their nearest and dearest ones. The day was full of laughter and happy tears because everyone was beyond happy for the two ladies who were and still are madly in love with each other.  

3. Romit and Walter’s Exquisite Church Wedding 

Romit and Walter tied the knot five years ago in Sevilla, Spain. Their wedding ceremony and the pictures of the couple from that special day are so stunning that one is in absolute awe. For one of the wedding functions, the duo donned sherwanis with royal prints in dark hues by Sabyasachi. On the main wedding day, the duo donned dapper three-piece black suits and made their love official at the lavish Casa Palacio Guardiola. The Guardiola house is so stunning that the wedding ceremony looked like an absolute dream come true! 

4. Ruth and Sarika’s Dream-Like Wedding Ceremony 

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, two lovers united together and committed to each other in an intimate wedding ceremony. The ladies went with a Hindu wedding ceremony and instead of taking all 7 pheras, they took 4. When asked who will sit down first (since the tradition is the first person who sits down will be the head of the household), Sarika was the one who went for it and Ruth took it as happily as she could. We are head over heels for their wedding because there is so much love, happiness and positivity to be seen. Dare we say, their wedding looks, even more, happier than the usual weddings that we come across. We also want to add what Ruth says, "I always think of the Kaju Katli we shared after getting married as the first taste of how sweet our lives together would be!"

Source Sarika Modi

Source Sarika Modi

Source Sarika Modi

Source Sarika Modi

Source Sarika Modi

Source Sarika Modi

Source Sarika Modi

Source Sarika Modi

5. Sundeep and Sharath’s Beautiful Anand Karaj

Sundeep and Sharath came out to the world through a wedding announcement with the help of one of Sundeep’s best friends in the New York Times. Despite knowing the consequences and the fact that all their lives the duo had been treated differently, taunted, bullied, excluded, they took the plunge. 

Sundeep says, "We’ve literally been fighting for acceptance since the day we were born, fighting to survive and be treated the same as our peers."  

They, therefore, invited the media to cover their wedding to raise awareness to Indian members in the global LGBTQI + community still struggling to break out of the closet that it does get better. And the conclusion? Sundeep and Sharath went after their happiness. They chose to be together and to tie the knot. Despite the negative comments, they got hitched because they knew their happily ever after depended on each other.

6. Prothik and Haldard’s Happily Ever After

Prothik and Haldard tied the knot back in 2017 at Taj Boston. Had the supreme court struck out section 377 back then, the duo would have had their wedding in India but they got hitched in front of their nearest and dearest ones in a lovely wedding ceremony. They have been madly in love ever since they saw each other and after getting married, their love for each other has just grown. Love indeed knows no boundaries!


Which is your favourite wedding from the ones above? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Pride Month Special: Same-Sex Indian Weddings That Are Trending RN!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Pride Month Special: Same-Sex Indian Weddings That Are Trending RN!