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Wedding prep is a back-breaking process, even for the bride herself. While many may like to think that the only task that the bride has during the months leading up to the big day is getting her beauty sleep, that is not the case. The bride is extremely involved in the process, especially when it comes to her looks. From her bridal lehenga to her hairstyle design and from her makeup to her accessories, she has to make sure that everything is pitch-perfect.

Let me ease some of your worries and help you pick out your lehenga. There is just one little catch, though. We are letting your stars decide it. It's no joke. We are going to be looking at your best wedding lehenga pick according to your sun sign.

So, let's dive in, shall we? 

Sabyasachi Bridal Lehenga According To Your Zodiac Sign 

♈ Aries (The Ram): March 21–April 19

Dear Aries bride, we love your enthusiasm and eagerness. Your fiery presence needs an equally spicy bridal outfit. So, a light yet voluminous red Sabyasachi lehenga that lets you have all the fun movements would be ideal for you. 

♉ Taurus (The Bull): Apr 20–May 20

Dear Taurus bride, we are in awe of your indomitable spirit. Your inner strength and sensibility would show through in a classy bridal outfit that's not overly done. So, here is a classic silk lehenga drenched in gold, black, and baby pink colours. Isn't this BEAUTY?!

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♊ Gemini (The Twins): May 21–Jun 21

Dear Gemini bride, we enjoy your playfulness and versatility. You like to be on top of all trends and look sharp at the same time. So, a fashionable lime yellow lehenga that shows off both, your personality and your figure would be perfect for you.

♋ Cancer (The Crab): Jun 22–Jul 22

Dear Cancer bride, we are enchanted by your thoughtfulness and nurturing abilities. You are as feminine and graceful as it gets. So, a Sabyasachi lehenga with a soft, warm and floral vibe to it will do your sensual self justice. 

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♌ Leo (The Lion): Jul 23–Aug 22

Dear Leo bride, we respect your loyal and bold self. You love the idea of extravagance and timelessness when it comes to fashion. So, for your bridal outfit, it would only be fair to get a royal red and golden lehenga with intricate details. 

♍ Virgo (The Virgin): Aug 23–Sep 22

Dear Virgo bride, we are charmed by your perfectionism and gentleness. You love sophistication and minimalism. So, for your bridal lehenga, a pretty ivory Sabyasachi lehenga with an embroidered blouse would match your persona. 

♎ Libra (The Balance): Sep 23–Oct 23

Dear Libra bride, we are drawn to your harmonious and jovial nature. Your sense of style is perfected to the T. So, don this multicolour well-balanced bridal lehenga on your big day and channel your inner diva. 

♏ Scorpio (The Scorpion): Oct 24–Nov 21

Dear Scorpio bride, we are mesmerised by your intense and passionate soul. Your style is alluring and leaves much to the imagination. So, this colourful lehenga by Sabyasachi makes for a great bridal outfit for you. 

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♐ Sagittarius (The Archer): Nov 22–Dec 21

Dear Sagittarius bride, we are fond of your optimism and open-mindedness. You don't want your outfits to restrict you in any way, even your bridal lehenga. So, opt for this breezy and shiny multi-shaded lehenga for your bridal outfit. 

♑ Capricorn (The Goat): Dec 22–Jan 19

Dear Capricorn bride, we value your intelligence and determination. You like your outfits to reflect your strong personality. So, you can go for this deep-toned floral bridal lehenga. 

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♒ Aquarius (The Water Bearer): Jan 20–Feb 18

Dear Aquarius bride, we admire your progressive and witty personality. You are not a follower, but a trendsetter. So, this pristine pink and white bridal lehenga by Sabyasachi with ornate light golden detailing would be a befitting choice for you. 

♓ Pisces (The Fish): Feb 19–Mar 20

Dear Pisces bride, we cherish your creativity and empathy. You like to stand out but in a humble way. So, for your bridal outfit, you might wanna go for this mauve-coloured lehenga in velvet fabric for your upcoming winter wedding. 

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Your Dream Sabyasachi Lehenga According To Your Zodiac Sign is Here!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Your Dream Sabyasachi Lehenga According To Your Zodiac Sign is Here!