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Choosing the right wedding decor is crucial for any to-be married couple cuz it's their special day and it should reflect the couple’s personalities well or should be something which makes the duo immensely happy. One such decor which we feel would speak to many of the couples out there is the rustic-luxe decor. Rustic luxe decor is basically decor that is rustic but happens to be a more refined version of the rustic decor. It has a more luxurious vibe to it and is absolutely perfect for couples who are looking for elegant and sophisticated decor options. Scroll below to find out how one can incorporate rustic luxe in their wedding decor! 

Here’s How You Can Incorporate Rustic Luxe Decor

Oh-So-Pretty Rustic Backdrops 

Every wedding has some sort of a backdrop be it at the entrance or where the happy couple is supposed to be seated. Now, you can incorporate rustic-luxe vibes by adding pampas grass or wooden slats to the backdrops. Not only are these sophisticated looking but will help your decor stand out.

Source Ombre by HJ

Love These Rustic Mandaps 

Another great way to incorporate rustic luxe is by going with it for your mandap. Mandaps are supposed to be grand and exquisite and rustic elements will help you achieve exactly that. Check out these mandaps and see for yourself! 

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Say Yes to Rustic Seating 

A major part of the decor is the seating whether its for your guests or for your own self. The seating is that one part which will be in the notice by everyone who is going to attend your wedding which is why you cannot go wrong with this one. If you do opt for rustic-luxe decor for the seating, we know your guests are gonna be fascinated with the seating just like we were when we saw these rustic-luxe seating arrangements! 

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Source Saaque

Rustic Centre Tables

Another great way to have rustic luxe decor is by going with this type of decor for your centre table decor. You can decide how big or small you want it to be and leave the rest on this stunning type of decor. 

How Bout A Rustic Photo Wall?

Rustic photo walls are a new addition to wedding decor and a pretty good one if you ask us. For starters, photo walls are perfect to include all the beautiful memories you and your other half have created together. Secondly, everyone gets a peek of this amazing bond you guys share. Check out these photo walls and get ready to be inspired!

Rustic Elements Here and There

If its difficult to decide where to use these rustic elements as decor on your wedding functions then we suggest that you simply have some elements placed here and there. Like going for pampas grass for the entrance or having barrels placed as tables for the bar area! 

Source Wed by D


So which rustic decor idea are you going to go with? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Rustic Luxe Decor That Is Perfect For Your Upcoming Intimate Wedding!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Rustic Luxe Decor That Is Perfect For Your Upcoming Intimate Wedding!