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Source Sunny Singh

If there is one paradigm shift in the wedding world that we have witnessed in the past year, it is nothing other than the fact that Big Fat Indian Weddings have found a new destination. Ditching the quintessential 'wedding destinations', Antalya in Turkey is being preferred for grand-scale nuptials. The picturesque resort city of Turkey, Antalya is suddenly the most hep destination for lavish, million-dollar Indian weddings.

Be it the oh-so-swanky wedding of Namrata & Tarun, the magnanimous revelries of Kunal & Sneha or the renowned celebrity stylist and designer Sukriti's serene vows under the Antalya sky–all these wedding albums are proof of how Antalya is a city that drenches you in luxury and offers a surreal setup for your wedding. And in this blog, we tell you why is Antalya the hottest hub for grand weddings and why you too MUST consider it for your own big fat Indian wedding.

Antalya–The Perfect Destination for Your Ultra-luxurious Wedding

#REASON 1 - Number of Swanky 5-star properties to choose from

When you choose Antalya as your wedding destination, the venue is the last thing you have to worry about. The city boasts of attractive and swanky properties to choose from. Each property is gigantic and impresses with magnificent architecture, indulges you in sheer luxury and houses several indoor & outdoor spaces to hold different your many and unending wedding ceremonies. We, at Shaadisaga, took charge of inspecting some of the best properties in one of the most-raging wedding destinations in the world–Antalya, Turkey, and give you a first-hand review of everything the city has to offer. 

Here are some of the most mesmerizing properties that are oh-so-perfect for your grand wedding nuptials.

  • Rixos Premium Gocek

Source ShaadiSaga

  • Regnum Carya

Source ShaadiSaga

  • Rixos Premium Belek

Source ShaadiSaga

Source ShaadiSaga

  • Titanic Mardan Palace

Source ShaadiSaga

Source ShaadiSaga

Source ShaadiSaga

  • Calista Luxury Resort

Source ShaadiSaga

#REASON 2 - Hassle-free planning with the assistance of Inventum Global or other agencies

Planning a big fat wedding abroad is a big responsibility and can be a nerve-wracking task too. But this is not the case when you host your wedding in Antalya. The wedding planning process is seamless and hassle-free with the assistance of Turkey-based agencies like Inventum Global and Crystal Concepts and a few more.

These agencies have years of experience in organising Boisterous Indian weddings in Turkey and have taken care of every little to big detail from overseas. It is better to get directly in touch with these agencies to get better packages and the ultimate hassle-free planning experience. Also, even the Indian wedding planners get all the arrangements done via these agencies. Inventum Global is a truth-worthy name who also planned actor-turned-politician Nusrat Jahan's wedding among many other remarkable weddings.

#REASON 3 - Highly experienced destination in hosting the most extravagant Indian weddings

Owing to the ever-growing popularity of Antalya as a perfect destination for grand Indian weddings, the city has garnered an immense experience of hosting Indian weddings. The city and the wedding professionals working in Antalya are well aware of what all goes into planning an Indian wedding–they do it all with their bespoke touch of luxury. 

#REASON 4 - Seaside venues for Picturesque Boat Groom/Bridal Entries

Another reason that we can’t stop hearting Antalya as a wedding destination is that most of its venues are on the seaside or have in-land water bodies which can be used for picturesque boat bridal/groom entries or fun beachy ceremonies.

#REASON 5 - Picturesque landscapes, azure blue beaches for amazing photographs and luxurious honeymoon

Antalya is a bustling tourist destination in Summers and no wonder that it boasts of surreal scenic beauty that millions of tourists visit Antalya. This resort city is outlined with the biggest coastline and is flanked with azure blue beaches. Archaeological marvels, waterfalls, ancient sites, cruise rides–this city is a breathtaking blend of world-class luxury and old-world charm.

And guess what, you can make the best of Antalya’s scenic beauty by having a post or pre-wedding shoot. It also makes for an amazing destination for a luxurious honeymoon after a crazy overdose of wedding shenanigans.

#REASON 6 - All-inclusive hotel plans without any hidden/extra costs

Another astounding service that Antalya venues offer is that they charge a single fee as per the headcount which is all-inclusive of the accommodation, food, drinks, room services, etc. You have the entire venue to yourself and your guests can avail any and all services without any restrictions (think of unlimited food, partying till the wee hours, bar services and so much more)- you won’t be charged anything extra for that. Now, isn’t that a great way to woo your guests and offer them a complete leisure experience?

#REASON 7 - Pleasant winter weddings without nerve-chilling cold

Unlike nail-biting chilly winters in India, Antalya has very pleasant winter weather. The weather oscillates between 15-20 degrees Celcius from November to April, which is also the best time frame to have a wedding in Turkey.

#REASON 8 - Travel via an exclusive Chartered Plane (in association with Turkey Airlines)

Flying your guests to Antalya for your wedding is as easy as it could be! You can simply avail exclusive Chartered Plane services via which you and your 250-300 guests can together fly to Antalya in a single jet. This service is in association with Turkey Airlines and costs a lot cheaper than booking seats on passenger jets. If you are bearing the cost of your guests' travel, this service will save you from a lot of stress that goes into flying so many guests to one destination. 

Some key points to know while planning your wedding Antalya:

  • It is suggested to start planning your wedding in Antalya at-least 6 months in advance.
  • Do go for a recce to check out the venues and to finalise the minutest details.
  • You can fly your preferred photographers, chefs, DJ and mehndi artists from India to keep the ‘Desi Indian wedding’ vibe intact.
  • Your wedding budget must start from INR 2.5 to 3 crores.

Would you like to have your wedding in Antalya? Tell us in the comments below.

8 Reasons Why You MUST Host your Big Fat Indian Wedding in Antalya!

by Medha Chawla

8 Reasons Why You MUST Host your Big Fat Indian Wedding in Antalya!