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With Unlock 1, India is all set to open up and so are your possibilities of saying “I do”. After waiting for months that felt no less than centuries, the time to celebrate your love has finally arrived. Wedding bells are at your door!

But here’s a twist, you can only invite 50 guests to your wedding celebrations. But, Hey! This might be for the best, and we tell you why we love the idea of #intimateweddings over the ones with a gazillion of guests who you might be meeting for the very first time in your life. Before, we get to talking further about this, make sure that you hire the top wedding planners in India who will help you to plan your dream wedding with not more than 50 guests and a zillion memories that you'll cherish throughout your life! 

15 Reasons Why You Should Choose IntimateWeddings Over Grand Ones

It’s Time To Celebrate Your Love With The Ones Who Matter The Most To You!

Let’s be honest, out of the hundreds that you invite to your wedding ceremony, how many care for your happiness. After all, it is only a bunch of beautiful people you want to share the biggest day of your life with, maybe the nearest family and some dearest friends. By opting to go for an intimate wedding instead of making it a huge affair, you will choose to tie a knot among those who mean the most to you and your partner.

No Brownie Points To Guess That You'll Be More Relaxed With People Close To You & Vice Versa!

Weddings can be hectic. Not only you need to take care that things go well with you two at your wedding ceremonies but making sure that your guests are kept entertained and comfortable at the same time, which can be quite tricky. With less crowd around you at your wedding, it is more likely that you will know the needs of your guests, and taking care of them will be much easier. Not to forget, the people who you are inviting will be the ones who are closest to you so you wouldn’t need research to know what will keep them entertained. 

You Wouldn’t Want To Miss Out On Spending Time With Your Guests!

Taking care of your guests at a huge wedding can be a quite time taking process. Different people have different needs and you got to arrange all of those requirements in a smooth manner. With fewer people around you at an intimate wedding affair, you are most likely to get more time to spend with your close ones and enjoy your ceremony to the fullest!

Intimate Wedding Save You A Lot Of Money!

This one is extremely important. No doubt that your wedding is the happiest day of your life and you must celebrate your love on this special day. But is it worth wasting every penny of your hard-earned money? No!  When you choose to have an intimate wedding instead of a grand one, you wouldn’t miss out on any of the fun parts, for the people with whom you have the most fun with are going to be around you. However, cutting your guest list short will save you a lot of money that you would have, otherwise, spent on accommodation and entertainment of the people who don’t matter to you.

Ironically, Intimate Weddings Can Be Super-Grand!

How about spending the money that you saved on yourself rather than your guests? You can now buy the Sabyasachi bridal lehenga that you have been eyeing forever but couldn’t afford earlier or maybe hire the high-end photographer who would make the memories of your big day even more special by capturing them beautifully. In intimate weddings the opportunities are endless!

Steal Some Moments With Your Spouse-To-Be!

This is something that most couples miss out on. With so many customs, traditions, obligatory conversations, and hundreds of guests to take care of, a moment or two with one another could take a back seat. An intimate wedding gonna give you ample time to celebrate your love with your partner on your special day. After all, isn’t all this about you two?

Intimate Weddings Open Door To A Lot of Personalisation At Your Wedding

There is an endless scope of customization and personalization when your wedding has a small guest list. Right from the decor, to the food menu, the photo props, wedding favours, hand-written letters - you can go to any extent to add personalized touches or make the wedding a true reflection of you two. It is only possible when the guests in attendance are less in number and you follow all the guidelines as mentioned by the Govt. of India.  

More Venue Options To Choose From!

A smaller guest list also gives you the freedom to be creative with your wedding venue. It can be a garden to a trek to a museum or a terrace, you can get married at a unique venue that holds value to you as a couple. Furthermore, the money that will be saved by having an intimate wedding instead of the huge one can be used to create your dream honeymoon post lockdown!

You, Will, Create Memories That Are Going To Last Forever!

Skipping the typical style of wedding that your guest is used to visit, your wedding ceremony gonna find a place in their memories forever. The gelling up of you two with your close ones without any unnecessary stress is a happy memory to recall!

You Can Be Yourself Completely!

In the case of intimate weddings, the people that you invite to your wedding are the close ones. Hence, they are the ones who know you from inside and outside. In front of them, you can lose all that wedding anxiety and be the real you, and celebrate your wedding the way you always wanted!

Intimate Weddings Can Be Planned In A Shorter Timeline & Are Less Stressful

Couples in India start planning their wedding months (sometimes, a year) in advance to make sure that things go right on the wedding day and all the guests return with smiling faces and happy memories. With the guest list cut short, your wedding can now be planned in a lot less time with personalising your intimate wedding. (Bonus: You get to skip most of the guest management stress)

You Get To Treat Yourself With An Amazing Honeymoon!

You might need to postpone your honeymoon plans for now considering we live amidst a pandemic and travel isn’t the best thing to do right now. However, when all this is over and you can finally go on a little vacation of your own. The vacation cum honeymoon can be a magnificent one owing to all the money that you save at your wedding.

Your Photographer Is Going To Love You!

More often the wedding photographer's job becomes tougher while capturing a grand Indian wedding. Among the hundreds of guests at the wedding, it is hard to make out who are the important ones (obviously they figure out that). But, with only 50 guests at your wedding, your photographer will be able to give equal attention to the bride & groom and their wedding guests and you are gonna have the best wedding pictures ever! 

Yours Will Be An Eco-friendly Wedding Ceremony!

More than anything, the lockdown has made us realise that the resources that we have are limited and we are privileged to have to access them. There is an exceptional amount of wastage at weddings. Be it paper or food. Cutting down your guest list will also cut down the amount of wastage at your wedding boosting your sense of responsibility so have a sustainable eco-friendly intimate wedding as this couple had recently! 

Pandemic Problems Need Intimate Weddings!

Lastly, quite an oblivious yet important one, in times like this, physical distancing is the only way you can stop the spread of the virus. Large gatherings are discouraged for its better for all of us to be safe while we celebrate our intimate wedding with only loved ones! 

I hope you found enough reason to be crazily excited for your intimate wedding. We are too!


Don’t forget to tell us about your #IntimateWedding plans in the comment section below! 

15 Reasons Why You Should Choose #IntimateWeddings Over Grand Ones!

by Apoorva Saxena

15 Reasons Why You Should Choose #IntimateWeddings Over Grand Ones!