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Over the years, a lot of celebrities have set trends during their wedding functions. Whether we talk about an all-white wedding or bridal looks, celebs have gone all out repeatedly. Out of the celebrities setting trends, Katrina Kaif set the bar really with her phoolon-ki-chaadar. It was so unique yet chic that since Kaif and Kaushal’s wedding, the chaadar has been an inspiration for many brides.

Scroll below to see how real brides went with similar phoolon-ki-chaadar ideas for their weddings. 

Brides Who Opted for Similar Phoolon-Ki-Chaadar Like Katrina Kaif

When it comes to celebrity weddings, elements always capture our attention and leave us awe-inspired. One such moment was Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif's walk down the aisle, where she mesmerized everyone with her breathtaking phoolon-ki-chaadar. Decked with delicate white mogras and roses, this floral canopy added an ethereal touch to her wedding ceremony. 

Well, one can say that Katrina Kaif's phoolon-ki-chaadar was an exquisite masterpiece, primarily adorned with fresh white mogras and roses symbolizing purity and grace, perfectly complementing the actress's bridal ensemble. Yeah! We know that Katrina Kaif's phoolon ki chaadar has become a source of inspiration for many brides-to-be, and that's why today we curated the trending brides who infused their weddings with a touch of Bollywood glamour and cultural traditions with Katrina Kaif's Phoolon-Ki-Chaadar.

Plain White Phoolon-Ki-Chaadar For Bridal Entry

Brides who like minimalistic things should take major inspiration from all these brides who opted for plain white phoolon-ki-chaadar like the one Kaif opted for. Especially if you’re going for a dark-coloured bridal outfit, the white chaadar will look amazing during your bridal entry!

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Source The Allied

White Phoolon-Ki-Chaadar With With Colourful Flowers

If you’re looking for a vibrant yet chic phoolon-ki-chaadar, we recommend adding flowers. The combination of white colour with vibrant flowers will be the perfect balance for your phoolon ki chaadar. Scroll below and check out these brides’ stupendous phoolon-ki-chaadar.

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Source KV Decor

Or, Accentuate Your White Phoolon-Ki-Chaadar with Greens 

Another great way to accentuate your Katrina Kaif-inspired phoolon-ki-chaadar is by incorporating greens in it. Greens give a nice freshness to the otherwise plain phoolon-ki-chaadar. You can also opt for this combination if you’re having a boho-themed or daytime wedding. 

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Which is your favourite phoolon-ki-chaadar inspired by Katrina Kaif’s chaadar? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Real Brides Embrace Katrina Kaif's Phoolon-Ki-Chaadar Trend: From Silver Screen to Wedding Scene

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Real Brides Embrace Katrina Kaif's Phoolon-Ki-Chaadar Trend: From Silver Screen to Wedding Scene