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‘Tis the age of Instagram and what rules everybody’s feeds & minds like a polestar of the social media world are reels. Reels are a way for everybody to be seen, be known, and be glorified for what they are and what they do in less than 60 seconds (quite literally sometimes). From brands and small businesses to content creators and even brides, everybody seeks this route to reach out to the masses and show ‘em what they got. And yes, brides!

It didn’t take long enough for reels to make their way into the realm of weddings, leaving everybody swooned! What gives us a wholesome experience amidst all the wedding reels are our real brides stealing hearts with their adorable antics. From trending challenges, getting ready and styling transformations to bridal entries, solo performances, and brides being their real selves, bridal reels are a world of entertainment in themselves.

In fact, to give you a glimpse into what we’re going gaga over, here’s a quick little recap of brides we stumbled upon after their reels went viral. Garnering thousands and millions of views and likes, these attention-grabbing reels will have you hooked.

Real Brides Reels That Went Viral On Instagram

1. As much as we adore Noor’s family cheering for her, we totally loved her Naagin Dance!

2. Currently running out of “awwws” because we spent them all on this cute moment captured between the bride and her niece

3. This “first look” reaction is literally everything! It’s fun, super adorable, and heartwarming all at once.

4. Not missing out on bride Shivani Pippel who made headlines for not walking down the aisle ‘cuz the DJ didn’t play her song! Of course, the DJ did it later & she walked happily ever after!

5. She is definitely gonna be remembered as the bride who nailed the #bussit challenge

6. Getting ready for your wedding is fine but, food is a priority. It should always be! *Foodie bride alert*

7. Symbolic of all things royal, this reel with skyrocketing views literally took the gram by a storm and serves as a major inspiration for that regal bridal glory.

8. A surreally aesthetic reel that shows blogger bride Sonam dressing up in opulent jewels and the prettiest outfit 😍

9. Do we need any other reason for this video going viral apart from the bride’s furball in a coordinating outfit

10. Devanshi surprised her groom in the lehenga of his choice and his reaction was absolutely priceless! The reel literally left everybody awestruck!

11. Right from mehendi to reception, Natasha’s looks went absolutely viral and so did this reel that sums it up!

12. From getting ready to finally walking down the aisle, this countdown reel captures it all in 20 seconds perfectly!

13. Disha Parmar’s wedding was the talk of the town and so was her grand solo bridal performance.

14. Wondering if any bridal entry has ever looked this dreamy and soul-stirring 🤩

15. Talk about relatable wedding content and this reel tops the list. We all know someone who just wants the wedding party!

16. Swiping through her svelte wedding looks that had everybody swooning, Rubal sure aced the transformations in her reel!

17. A heart-melting video of a dad seeing his daughter dressed as a bride

18. When the bride legit said, “I can’t cry right now, I have my makeup...I have to click pictures.”

19. And how could this fiery entry by a bride not have gone viral, right?


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19 Binge-Worthy Real Brides' Reels That We Can't Stop Watching On Loop!

by Medha Chawla

19 Binge-Worthy Real Brides' Reels That We Can't Stop Watching On Loop!