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Mother-in-law has always been a scary and an overhyped word in wedding tales. Some are possessive, perfectionists, unbelievingly sweet and what all not. In the societal race of proving to be the best daughter-in-law and adjusting to an all-new environment, it's evitable to get a little anxious. Having dealt with all the 'nightmares' of getting along with my MIL, I'm leading you to a few tips and tricks that helped me strike away from the tension and break the ice smoothly.

Tip 1: Be good to her (but don't be fake)

If you want good things to happen to you, you've got to be good too. Not just with your beloved husband but with your MIL too. And to gel up well with her right from the start, all you've got to do is consider her as your own mother. Be generous enough to help her whenever you feel there's a need. If you like something about her, say her cooking skills, don't hestitate from bombarding her with a compliment. Also, since the common thread between you two is your husband, you can easily pick up things from the daily routine and don't forget to cherish that in front of her. 

Tip 2: Row with the flow

The finest thing you can do for your relationship with your mother-in-law is to mend things as per the flow. Your mother-in-law has made a lot of sacrifices to maintain the traditions and Indian values at your new home. Fit in into their shoes and make necessary changes,  do not prefer vice-versa things. The attempts that you will make to understand and grasp the new lifestyle changes will never go unobserved.

Tip 3: Take her advice seriously (at least on her face)

Mothers- in law are generally natural life advisors, sometimes it’s really worthy to take a not of it and sometimes not at all relatable. Then also, try reacting in a calmest and sorted way. A wide and a sincere approach would surely tip you off well. Pacified lines would really help you in this situations just like "This is the piece of advice which would be quite helpful for both of us in the long run, thank you so much, mom". This will not only help you to build a proper link with her but also help you to gain your confidence in her.

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Tip 4: Make her spend time with her son

This tip comes straight from a personal experience and also heard a lot from brides to be. Do not limit the talks and bond that your husband has with his mom. Make sure to promote him or respect the time they set aside for just the two of them. Let them talk and have your own personal time. This will bloom your relationship with her too.

Tip 5: If need be, reach out to your Best Friend

Every day is not Sunday, there are ups and downs in every relationship and when it comes mother-in-law it's a rocky and a steady ride. If your MIL does something completely unpredictable, puke it out on a friend because there is no one better than your forever better half. If it keeps piling it up, it would be quite harmful to the new bond that you started sharing with her. This would be a great tip to sail the boat well with your half husband.

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Real Bride Reveals: How to get along with your Mother-in-Law

by Sanchita Sehgal

Real Bride Reveals: How to get along with your Mother-in-Law